Is Strength & Conditioning In The Same Session Optimal?

Sep 07, 2022

Combining both strength and conditioning in the same session has been done for as long as people have been training. Of course, there are always many ways to tackle both of these modalities - some more right than others, but here's a few things I'd recommend when doing so:

1. Keep Strength Work Strength Work: You don't need to always do something 'metabolic' in every session, but if you must I'm going to give you some guidelines.

2. Keep Conditioning Work Conditioning Work: Aerobic work (20+ minute duration steady-state work) should be it's own session, not performed at the tail end of a strength session.

3. If You Decide To Combine The Two: If you must combine strength & conditioning, perform more conditioning work that is in alignment with the goals of the session (this example in the full video is a good representation of that!)


You'll almost always get better results from separating strength & conditioning, but combining the two can be done assuming we keep the original goals of the session intact - in this case, we are using complexes to build muscle while improving capacity. What I would NOT recommend is performing strength work followed by a longer duration aerobic session - as previously stated, keep this work separated.

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