Give Me 12 Weeks And I’ll Personally Guide You Through A Customized Coaching Experience To Get You Closer To What YOU Actually Want.

Everyday Hero for 35+ men puts you on the fastest path to feel incredible, love your training again, and finally see results from your hard work… GUARANTEED. 


Remember how easy it was to gain strength and build muscle years ago?  

As long as you were in the gym throwing weights around, you could break PR’s and make gains like clockwork. 

Week after week you piled weights on the bar, added plates to the stack, and breezed your way up the dumbbell rack. 

When the gains slowed down, you pressed on the gas. More weight, more time in the gym, more sets & reps, more variation.  

As you get older, you realize doing things harder, faster, or more frequently doesn’t equal results. It backfires. 

Leaving you in pain and pissed off. Because you’re burned out, injured, and your results don’t match your effort. 

Eventually, there comes a point where every guy who’s serious about training asks themselves…

“Is what I’m doing getting me closer to my goals
or am I just wasting my time?” 

You work out most days of the week but wonder if 6 days a week is too much or too little. 

It’s what you did in the past, but you’re older now. Your body doesn’t respond the same. And sometimes it just feels like a waste of time. 

You follow a lot of big names in the fitness industry. Guys who’re in great shape and ‘talk the talk.’ But do they really ‘walk the walk’? 

You’ve bought their training programs plastered with overhyped claims. Saying all you need is 30 days to get into the best shape of your life without beating your body down. 

Weeks later you find yourself beaten, bruised, and battered. And the results are never as good as they promised. 

For most, this cycle can feel like insanity. 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” 

Insanity is repeating this cycle with your training and nutrition and expecting a different result. 

Similar training program. Similar nutrition rules. Similar lifestyle choices. 

Basically, all the things that didn’t work before. And expecting something different to happen this time. In my opinion, THAT is insanity. 

I’m not willing to leave the fate and future of my health, happiness, and well-being up to chance or hope. 

Any guy stuck in this insanity cycle needs to be open to the idea of doing things differently. Especially if they want to look and feel incredible, love training again, and see great results.

That means you have to be willing to… 

Stop pushing on the gas
–take your foot off the damn emergency brake

Anyone can build muscle, get stronger, and change their physique when they’re younger or just starting out. 

Hell, when you have all the odds stacked in your favor, you can make insane gains even if your program and diet are crap. Which it usually is.  

But as you get older, the newbie, honeymoon-gain phase slows down. 


Your body can’t recover from the same hell you put it through in the gym. And it doesn’t respond to subpar or disorganized training. That’s when most guys realize… 

More is not better.
Better is better. 

I constantly hear things like: 

  • “How many days a week should I train?”
  • “What else can I be doing to speed things up?”
  • “Do I need to start cutting foods out of my diet?” 
  • “I don’t know if I’m doing too much or not enough.”
  • “Should I lift lighter weights for higher reps to protect my joints?” 
  • “Should my training look different since I’m getting older?”

Guys who are serious about looking and feeling like a badass in their 30s, 40s, 50s quickly realize… The same training that served up sweet gains on a silver platter years back isn’t doing crap anymore.

Jason Brown


Jason Brown Coaching was founded by Jason Brown, an author, combat veteran, and former gym owner, and creator of the Conjugate X Conditioning Training Method. 
Jason is a respected contributor for T-Nation.com, EliteFTS.com, and serves as a presenter with the National Strength & Conditioning Association. 7 years ago, he developed a training method that’s now being used on over 30,000 people every day. Elite-level CrossFit athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, stay-at-home parents, weekend warriors, US Military, overworked CEOs, and many more. Every month 200+ gyms pay Jason to create training plans for their members.

Now, for the first time ever, this page presents a special opportunity to personally work with Jason and have him coach, guide, and support you through your training journey for results that last.

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.

- W. Edwards Deming

Your body is an extremely complex and intelligent system…

… And everything you’re doing right now is perfectly creating the results it was designed to create. 

So if you’re frustrated by your results (aka the ‘output’ of the system)... It’s NOT the system’s fault. It simply means the ‘input’ needs to be changed. 

This is frustrating AND freeing.  

Frustrating because it takes humility and courage to accept this truth… bravely step out of a victim role… and journey into the world of radical responsibility. 

Freeing because once you realize this, all you have to do is change the “input” of the system–your training, nutrition, mindset, etc. 

If you want a different output (your results), change the input (your training, nutrition, support, etc).

It really is that simple, but that’s exactly what’s holding guys back from achieving the results they’re chasing after. 
Now that you have that information, you have 3 options:


Do nothing.

Most guys are 1 smart decision away from looking, feeling, and performing how they want. Problem is, when faced with that decision, 99% of guys retreat to their comfort zone. The average guy will ignore this because they feel like it’s a shot to their ego. They keep banging their head (and body) against the wall until something breaks. Usually themselves. If that’s you? No problem. I’m not here to judge. But it’s important to realize this has nothing to do with ego. It’s systems and science. And you can’t argue with systems and science, unless you want to lose 100% of the time. Since you’ve made it this far, I assume you’re not in the ‘do nothing’ crowd.


Keep tinkering on your own.


The other option is to tinker around with changes yourself. If you go down this route, great. I’m glad you’re open to the idea that if what you’re doing right now isn’t getting you the results you want and you have to change it to break the cycle. However, based on thousands of conversations with guys in a similar boat… I know this stuff isn’t easy to implement without help. And it’s not easy to know if you’re taking the right steps or not. This elevates uncertainty and creates more fear and questions. Often causing you to revert back to what you know and are comfortable with. Which we already know isn’t working. The last thing you want to do is spend one year trying to get closer to your goals just to realize you were doing it wrong the entire time. Don’t take this the wrong way… But if you knew how to do this yourself, you would have done it by now. Which leads us to option three…


Do it with me.

This option is reserved for the ‘hero.’  A Hero realizes the other 2 options don’t get them to where they want to be. Which makes the options irrelevant. Heroes take responsibility for their decisions in the past, future, and present. And as a hero, if something is important to you, you’re going to go out and get it. No questions. 

This allows Heroes to receive this information as useful feedback, change their behavior, and CREATE the results they want.

I’m taking on the mission to personally and privately coach a handful of Heroes through their personal transformation. If we work together… The transformation journey, coaching, and roadmap that I guide you through can’t be found anywhere else. It’ll be a totally customized and unique experience to take you from where you are right now… to where you want to be in the most efficient way possible. You won’t find this in any other program I’ve created. You won’t find it in anything floating around on the internet. And you sure as hell won’t find any other coach offering an experience that offers guidance and results anywhere close to this. Guaranteed. 

I truly believe joining me in Everyday Hero is a decision that could change it all for you...

There’s not a cell in my body that doesn’t believe this decision can change it all for you. My goal today is to share the most important details about why I believe it could change your life. Then, I’ll let YOU take responsibility and make the final decision for yourself. Because that’s what Heroes do. From mid-pandemic to now, I’ve been building customized training programs and coaching VIP 1:1 coaching clients for $15,000 per year. The problem was, I was limited by the number of guys I could give my time and attention to… and for guys who could afford the investment. After tons of planning and careful consideration… My team and I developed a way to multiply the number of men I can personally coach with a new white-glove, high-touch customized coaching experience.

The Everyday Hero Coaching Experience:

Get out of the program hopping cycle and get world-class coaching to get real results in 12 weeks 


I created Everyday Hero with one goal… Give guys in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s+ the fastest path to feel great, build a strong, hollywood physique and achieve incredible results in a fraction of the time. 

As an Everyday Hero coaching client, you’ll get a tailor-made roadmap and coaching to get everything you’ve ever needed to make it happen–without bogging you down with useless information. 
Personalized programming, private coaching, customization for your unique situation, expert feedback, support, and much more. This is something thousands of customers who bought my training programs have been begging me for. And something my private VIP clients pay $15,000 per year for. As an EveryDay Hero Coaching client, you’ll only pay a fraction of that to have me personally create your roadmap, give you the tools, and guide you every step of the way.

Everyday Hero solves the 3 biggest challenges holding guys back from reaching their potential

Challenge #1: Programming Uncertainty  

Uncertainty makes you question everything you’re doing.  

If you want to close the gap from where you are, to where you want to be… you need to eliminate uncertainty.  

The problem is, there’s so much conflicting information in regards to training and nutrition. Not only is the majority of it crap, it’s harmful too. Especially as you get older. 

One of the easiest ways to get results that last is to eliminate uncertainty and gain clarity. 

This means following a program that was personally created for you, your goals, and your unique situation. 

Doing this gives you the confidence and certainty that what you’re doing is right for you which prevents problems like program hopping, sustainability, and more.

Challenge #2: Group Indexing

Group indexing is a generalized prescription based on the average of a particular group of people. 

I could take the average age, weight, height, and training experience of all my clients and say… 

"The average is 5’10 190lb males with a 38-inch waist. He’s 45 years old, has been training for 6.5 years, has a squat rack and dumbbells at home and has right knee pain.”

The OBVIOUS problem is that very few of them perfectly match this description. This means, that following a program and plan based on the average is NOT ideal for almost every single person. 

By default, all the training programs you buy from a coach are based on group indexing because it’s very difficult to add customization into a mass-market training program. 

These can still be beneficial for people just starting out–or in the odd chance, they fit the perfect model that was group indexed. 

As an experienced lifter… What average people do, on average, has nothing to do with what is ideal for you. In fact, what is ideal "on average" is probably extremely inefficient for you.

If you’re serious about looking and feeling better, and you’re in it for the long haul… you need customization. Not group indexing. Period.

Challenge #3: “Non-Symmetrical Adaptation”

A few months ago I bought XX of the “best” training programs from some of the most ‘respected’ coaches in the fitness industry. To be blunt, they sucked. 

Most coaches act like they know how all the puzzle pieces fit together to deliver noticeable, sustainable results. But they couldn’t write a holistic training program to save their life. 

Lop-sided programs like this create a problem called “non-symmetrical adaptation.”

Non-symmetrical adaptation is a problem that occurs when important characteristics of health and fitness are neglected. 

This is a recipe for burnout, injury, or getting and STAYING stuck for years.

Most programs only focus on a few qualities like strength, muscle, or cardiovascular health. There is so much more to the equation…

The nervous system, muscle physiology, bioenergetics, functional anatomy, needs analysis, periodization, supercompensation… Combined with other elements relating to nutrition, mindset, and accountability that coaches don’t know what to do with themselves.

Everyday Hero takes all these factors into account… and creates an intelligent & intentional training approach leading to sustainable gains while staying healthy for years, decades, or even a lifetime.

Results From Real Heroes


As an Everyday Hero Coaching client, every tool and benefit is perfectly aligned to move you forward & create sustainable habits…

Not only am I giving you all the tools for success, but I’m personally creating your roadmap and guiding you every step of the way.

Individual Coaching & Accountability Touch Points

I will personally check in with you and coach three of your movement videos per week, address limitations, etc on a weekly basis to make sure no stone is left unturned.

12-Weeks of Strategically Designed “Seasonal” Personalized Programming Using The Conjugate X Conditioning Method

Each season you get 12 weeks of personalized training programs to get you closer to what YOU actually want. These programs will be tailored to your unique situation–including any injuries, limitations, and equipment that you have available and built-in “seasons”–more on this below while utilized my Conjugate X Conditioning Method which has been used with hundreds of thousands of individuals world-wide! 

Private 1:1 Coaching & Messaging Support

No two people are alike. Group indexing was a perfect example of this. This is what makes Everyday Hero shine–real-time coaching & feedback for anything that comes to us. I used to charge $15,000 per year for this coaching access to me — for Heroes, it’s simply part of being on the team. I will be by your side for clarification, questions, support, and accountability. 

Custom Coaching Cues, Form Analysis, & Technique Review

You’ll get exclusive-access private coaching videos to make sure you’re doing movements properly. Plus, private coaching, world-class cueing, and expert feedback are there when you need it. Not sure if you’re doing something right? Submit up to three movement videos of your lifts per week and I’ll make sure you’re executing things properly to get the most bang for your buck and avoid injury.

Accountability & Check-In’s

Heroes are action takers. Even though you don’t need anyone to bark in your ear for motivation… accountability is helpful and useful. That’s why we have check-ins. Plus, this gives us an opportunity to adjust your training if we need to navigate roadblocks. 

Everyday Hero Coaching App

Pull up your coaching app for your custom training program, log your weights, and get access to me with priority messaging support, and more. All within the same place that’s easy to track and use. 

Access To A Private Brotherhood Of Men That Want To See You Succeed!

The group of men you'll be a part of his like no other. Strong and confident men supporting you and holding your accountability to stay on track with your goals!


Plus, VIP Access To Our Private “Brotherhood Of Heroes” To Accelerate Results, Facilitate Community, & Improve Accountability

As a Hero, if you say you want to achieve something because it’s important to you… it becomes important to me. 
That’s why I’m going to be in your corner doing the work alongside you with the rest of the badasses in the community. These are the same unsung heroes of the world that are crushing it at work, making time for the gym no matter what, and providing for their families. These are the guys making sh*t happen. This is the community I’ve dreamed of leading. And I’ll be there every step of the way. 

Got a question? Want to share a big “win”? Looking for motivation? Need a kick in the ass but don’t have anyone to do it for you? That’s what the community and support is for. Plus, you’ll be able to connect with other Heroes walking the same path as you, so you can forge new friendships and WIN together.


Special Bonuses:

The Only Nutrition Guide You’ll Ever Need

You know what you eat impacts how you look, how you perform, and how you feel. The good news is, eating in a way that aligns with your goals doesn’t have to suck. This guide lays out a practical approach to eat that helps you reach your goals… without skipping social events and dinners out.

  • The 411 on Macros
  • How to find the appropriate macronutrients for you
  • The Two Week Metabolic Reset Guide 
  • How to log and track your food
  • How to use the 70/30 Rule
  • How to easily cook over 30 recipes in under 10 minutes
  • How to make buying food easy and enjoyable so that anyone can do it
  • How to make meals in under 5 minutes
  • Access to a private FB group with other like-minded individuals to keep you motivated & accountable
  • Live weekly calls

“On The Go” Food Guide

 Most people treat travel or eating out as an excuse to eat like an asshole. Reality is, it’s easy to still eat like an adult–when you’re traveling or out–and keep you on track. This guide will show you how.

How to Train Smarter Guide

The smartest heroes are the ones who train SMARTER, not necessarily harder. This breaks down how training smarter is actually cheaper than always training harder… How to set up a killer garage gym for less than $3k… How to substitute outdoor activities for your training session perfectly… What to do if you can’t train on the weekend, and more.

Under 30-Minute Workouts

When you’re pressed for time or you miss a training session (rare for heroes, but can happen–because life happens), these under 30-minute workouts are the perfect remedy. Choose from 16 different workouts and still get your training in.


Heroes follow a “seasonal” training approach.

Enrollment for  Everyday Hero is currently open and regardless of when you choose to register, you'll be following
 a “seasonal” training approach. Not all training cycles, or "seasons" as I call them, are created equal. Upon registration, there is a 1-week turnaround with regards to receiving your customized Conjugate X Conditioning programming. Plan on starting on the first Monday after you register.

Winter is a heavy training focus on adding strength and new lean muscle mass to your frame…

Spring is all about leaning out and adding more structured hypertrophy...

Summer we enjoy the BBQs and parties while maintaining all your gains and keeping fat gain to a minimum...

Fall we start rebuilding a stronger base and prime the body for explosive strength and muscle gains...

Becoming a Hero is worth thousands per month, but you WON’T invest anywhere close to that.

Before Everyday Hero, I only offered online consulting to a handful of clients. This was BEFORE I had a custom coaching app with built-in support, a comprehensive training library and coaching cues, and direct access to me at the touch of your fingertips… And before the laundry list of other things you’ll be getting. Clients happily paid me $15,000 every year for this. Thankfully, Everyday Hero won’t be anywhere close to that and when you account for the results, I will help you achieve… And all the time, money, energy, and injuries you’ll AVOID by training properly, as well as the ability to join a brotherhood of other strong men to help you stay accountable you'll find the pricepoint of EH to be very reasonable. 


If anything ever comes up… or you have questions… or you need some help making adjustments, we got your back.

- Jason Brown & Team JBC