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*The Ultimate Programming Playbook

What's Included:

  • Over 100+ pages of my best training templates for all common (and uncommon) training scenarios/goals, each with several weeks of sample programming

  • 10 hours of video instruction and supporting resources directly related to writing incredible training programs

  • Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Guide

  • Exercise Order Cheat Sheet

  • Movement Pattern Classification Key

  • Comprehensive Strength Methods Table

  • The Ultimate Conditioning Methods Guide

  • How To Program For Slow Vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Manual

  • The Complete Hypertrophy Handbook

  • Exercise Science Fundamentals Cheat Sheet

  • Tempo Programming 101
  • Core Programming 101
  • BONUS: 1-Month Free Access to World Class Coach Slack Group

  • BONUS: New Client Onboarding Checklist

  • BONUS: My Newest 9-week Program, Strong AF x Well-Conditioned

  • BONUS: Live Programming Session with Jason Brown
  • BONUS: Live 5-Step Programming Process Session with Jason Brown
  • BONUS: Full Libary Of Recommended Dynamic Warm-ups

Any duplication, retransmitted, or account of materials or programs from The Ultimate Programming Playbook without the express written consent of Jason Brown Coaching (Box Programming LLC), is prohibited. Reproduction of these materials will result in legal action and prosecution.