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Programming Pro is the official, members-only support group for fitness professionals, run by Jason & Danielle Brown.

In this group we provide live, weekly calls where we teach actionable strategies to improve the three most valuable metrics in your business: results, retention and renewals. Each week we alternate between business-focused calls and programming-specific calls.

Connect with other fit pros that are growing their programming skills, get feedback, and go even deeper than the Playbook inside Playbook Pro.

What you'll get when you join:

  • A weekly call with Jason to cover various topics like progression, exercise selection, etc.

  • Bi-monthly presentations from subject matter experts to help you grow your online fitness business
  • A community of like-minded fitness professionals

  • Weekly Q&A

  • Ability to submit your programming for live review by Jason. He will pick at least 1 member's programming each month and make a live review video of how he would improve it.

The monthly price of Programming Pro is $99. But add now at checkout and receive your first 30 days completely free. You can cancel any time by emailing [email protected] no questions asked.

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The 2023 Programming Playbook

What's Included:

  • Over 100+ pages of my best training templates for all common (and uncommon) training scenarios/goals, each with several weeks of sample programming

  • 10 hours of video instruction and supporting resources directly related to writing incredible training programs

  • Video: Live 5-Step Programming Process Session with Jason Brown
  • Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Guide

  • Exercise Order Cheat Sheet

  • Movement Pattern Classification Key

  • Comprehensive Strength Methods Table

  • The Ultimate Conditioning Methods Guide

  • How To Program For Slow Vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Manual

  • The Complete Hypertrophy Handbook

  • Exercise Science Fundamentals Cheat Sheet

  • Tempo Programming 101
  • Core Programming 101
  • A Live Programming Session with Jason Brown
  • Training Program: A 9-week Program, Strong AF x Well-Conditioned
  • BONUS: New Client Onboarding Checklist
  • BONUS: Full Library Of Recommended Dynamic Warm-ups

UPDATED for 2023:

  • NEW CXC 12 week Tactical Program Added
  • NEW Concurrent Full Body Templates & Programming
  • NEW Module: Concurrent vs. Linear Training
  • NEW Module: Conjugate Method and the Need-To-Know of The System
  • NEW  Module: The Interference Effect & How To Avoid It


Any duplication, retransmission, other transfer, or other use of these programs without the express written consent of Jason Brown Coaching (Jason Brown Coaching LLC), is prohibited. Violations can result in legal and equitable actions for damages, injunctive relief, costs, and attorney fees.