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The Ultimate Training Template Handbook & Programming Bundle!

My Complete Library Of Training Templates For Any Goal!

If you're a coach or someone who prefers to write their own programs, this handbook is for you!

What you'll get:

  • Movement Pattern Hierarchy Chart

  • Exercise Selection Chart

  • Strength Biased Templates

  • Conditioning Biased Templates

  • Balanced Training Templates

  • 2x Per Week Programming

  • 3x Per Week Programming

  • 4x Per Week Programming

  • 5x Per Week Programming

  • 6x Per Week Programming

  • Basics Of Exercise Order Guide

  • Basics Of Sets, Reps, Rest Intervals

  • Strength Methods Library & PDF

  • Aerobic Conditioning Methods Library & PDF

  • Anaerobic Conditioning Methods Video Library & PDF

  • Live Programming Session To watch how I write a world-class program

  • New Client Onboarding PDF and Video Module

  • 5-Step Programming Process PDF

  • Hypertrophy Methods Video Library & PDF

  • Reps in Reserve & RPE modules.

  • How To Assess Whether A Client Needs More Strength Training Or Conditioning

  • Bonus #1: 6-12-25 Method Templates & 3 Weeks Of Programming

  • Bonus #2: Tactical Programming Templates & 3 Weeks Of Programming

  • Bonus #3: Loaded Carry Programming 101

  • Bonus #4: Core Programming 101

Each template comes with 2-3 options that allow for training with a balanced, strength, or conditioning-biased training split.

This training handbook encompasses three systems of programming I've used with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide!

Who Is This For?

A professional coach or someone who has been in the trenches training for a decade+ and prefers to write their own program!

This product will allow you to write custom 1-off programs, quickly and for any goal using concurrent mixed modality programming!

Any duplication, retransmission, other transfer, or other use of these programs without the express written consent of Jason Brown Coaching (Jason Brown Coaching LLC), is prohibited. Violations can result in legal and equitable actions for damages, injunctive relief, costs, and attorney fees.

Refund Policy: This is a digital product that you gain access to upon purchasing so there are NO REFUNDS available at this time.