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Add The Weekday Training Program to your order, a 5x per week training program to improve strength & conditioning for those that only want to train Monday - Friday!

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6-12-25 Conjugate

6-12-25 Conjugate 4x per week (1 optional conditioning day per week for a total of 5 sessions per week) strength program geared at getting you lean AF using the 6-12-25 Method without losing strength.

Block #1 - Week 1, 2, 3

Day 1: Lower - Quadriceps Emphasis
Day 2: Upper - Triceps Emphasis
Day 3: Conditioning
Day 4: Lower - Hamstrings Emphasis
Day 5: Upper - Back Emphasis
Day 6/7: OFF

Block #2 - Week 4, 5, 6

Day 1: Lower - Glute Emphasis
Day 2: Upper - Delt Emphasis
Day 3: Conditioning
Day 4: Lower - Quadriceps Emphasis
Day 5: Upper - Biceps Emphasis
Day 6/7: OFF

Great for someone that wants to prioritize getting lean while training Monday - Friday.

This program is perfect for someone:

  • The goal is a combination of strength & conditioning gains
  • Knows how to train the foundational patterns - squat, hip-hinge, lunge, push, pull, and carry.
  • Has been training seriously for at least 5 years.
  • Ready to get lean AF!

What You'll Get:

  • Instant and lifetime access
  • A comprehensive 6-week training plan for maximum results.
  • Linked demo videos for all movements
  • Warmups, cooldowns, and recovery measures
  • Sessions take 45-60 minutes
  • 4 days of training included: 4 strength training days and 1 optional conditioning day 

Note: The main difference between this program and CxC Shred is the length (this program is 6 weeks vs. 12 weeks of CxC Shred), this program uses the 6-12-25 method for the entire 6 weeks, and this program has one optional conditioning session per week while CxC Shred has 2.

Required Equipment

  • Trap Bar
  • Bands & Chains optional
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Squat Rack with a pull-up bar and the ability to perform pin squats and pulls
  • Landmine
  • Pulling Sled (for optional conditioning days) 
  • Fat Gripz

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