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The Best Yet Most Overlooked way for an online coach to grow their business is to master the art and science of writing excellent training programs, quickly.

Learn how to easily utilize the most powerful system of concurrent programming to skyrocket your clients' results and explode your training business

  • Get access to a complete system of concurrent programming and learn how to write world-class training programs.
  • Learn how and why to use proven strength training and aerobic conditioning methods to get your clients better results. 
  • Use programming templates so you can plug and play methods, techniques, and rep schemes, to cut the time it takes you to write programs for your clients in half.

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"There is a LOT more here than what I feel was advertised" - Dan McDade

Dear Coach,

The market for online training is expanding rapidly right now. This is a huge opportunity, but also comes with a big potential downside…

See, what most trainers overlook, even though it is right in front of them, is this:

Your ability to write great training programs is the single most important factor in your success as a trainer.

If there is one single 
‘master skill’ that every trainer should constantly be improving, it’s the ability to write training programs that your clients love and get results.

Never forget this one statement: Results are king.

Meet the king, Results

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, and one of the most important things I’ve learned is this: the best marketing in the world cannot save you if your programming sucks.

Think about this…If you go to a barber/hairdresser and they do a bad job (aka don’t get you the results you want), will you keep going to them over and over again and refer your friends? NO!

This guy can’t wait to refer all his friends…

That hairdresser could do the best marketing in the world, but they will get stuck having to find new clients that only come back once or twice.

And it’s no different for trainers. If you can’t get your clients results, YOU will get stuck in a ‘marketing hamster wheel’.


That’s because client retention is key. If you can’t keep clients around for years instead of months, you will constantly struggle trying to find new clients every month.

It is way more expensive (about 6x more) to find new clients than to keep the clients you already have.

Luckily, the solution is simple: Write great programs your clients love doing, that get them the results they want.

This ability will separate you from the pack and give you a competitive advantage in this market (which is expected to grow from $6 billion to $59 billion over the next 5 years).

How I went from $50,000 per year to $450,000 per year

When I opened my gym in 2011, I was making about $50,000 a year, busting my ass literally all day every day. 

I was programming for hundreds of everyday athletes, using a legendary system for developing the strongest athletes in the world called the Conjugate System.

The thing with Conjugate, though, is it makes people think of big powerlifters that just do squat, deadlift, and bench, and want to compete in those lifts.

I was doing something different.

I was applying Conjugate principles into my CrossFit gym, and mixing it with different types of conditioning….because you know what? 99% of my clients (and I am guessing yours too) are what I call Everyday Athletes.

Everyday Athletes are people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc, that want to keep their bodies strong, healthy, well-conditioned, looking good, and functioning well.

We were getting such great results at our gym using this method that I soon was programming for over 200 gyms around the world. 

If you do the math, this means approximately 30,000 people were following my CxC programming simultaneously, and I personally talked with all the gym owners about the results they were getting (which were excellent - more on this below).

Long story short, I found, and proved, that combining the Conjugate System with different aerobic and conditioning methods to increase GPP gets great results and people love doing it and is sustainable.

My programming ability literally 10x'd my income.

To train Everyday Athletes to improve their strength, GPP, and overall fitness, there is no better system than Conjugate and specific energy systems development

If you are like 99% of coaches out there, the vast majority of your clients are coming to you to help improve their strength, body composition, GPP, etc. 

There are a few programming methods to do this such as, concurrent training and linear periodization.

In the chart below are the physical attributes of the human system to train up through a well-structured program. 

Let me explain to you why Conjugate, with specific energy systems development, is the ideal method to do this.

Linear Periodization vs Concurrent Training

Most coaches and trainers today are writing concurrent training programs (whether they realize it or not).

Linear periodization essentially optimizes and centers all training around 1 particular quality from the graph above, such as maximum strength.

With this type of training, you program in blocks of 8 to 12 weeks and work off percentages.

Concurrent training, on the other hand, works on the different characteristics in the chart above simultaneously, and has proven to be superior to linear periodization, especially for training GPP.

The reason being this: the human body is not a machine. It is a biological system that can adapt to different things simultaneously and isn’t perfectly predictable.

If you want to program for a wide-range of Everyday Athletes to improve their GPP you should be using concurrent training.

The Conjugate system is the best way to program Concurrent Training

Programming that includes training up multiple traits at the same time is technically concurrent training.

The most popular example of this in recent history is CrossFit.

The issue with CrossFit-style concurrent programming, and I can speak from experience because I owned a CrossFit gym and ultimately switched 200 gyms over to my CxC method, is that the best programming isn’t random mashed up workouts with no structure behind it.

When I got my master’s degree in exercise science, I learned how different the demands on the central nervous system (CNS) are using different training methods.

If you are programming using concurrent training, you are likely exhausting your clients’ nervous systems if not taking the below chart into account.

And if you have been observing this field of fitness for any length of time, it is clear that these athletes are over-stressed.

You must program your strength methods (the chart above) with your conditioning methods (the chart below) in order to:

  • Not over-stress the CNS
  • Stimulate the adaptation you want
  • Not create an over-use injury

Without knowing how to concurrently train, it is very easy (and common) to not balance the workload demands and methods correctly.

Where Conjugate falls short for Everyday Athletes is the use of different conditioning methods and energy systems development.

This is why I created my Conjugate and Conditioning (CxC) method.

The best of ALL worlds: Conjugate X Conditioning (CXC)

There are many different ways to implement conditioning, some which are much more enjoyable than others.

In my CXC method, I combine the best principles of Conjugate, with the best principles of energy systems development.

I balance them with each other into programming that Everyday Athletes LOVE doing and that create insane results, without creating overuse injuries or burnout from over-stressing the CNS.

There are literally tens of thousands of people who have trained this way and I have thousands of success stories and testimonials like the ones below:

Results are king. For business, training, and life in general… 

If you can’t get your clients great results, you will always struggle in your business.

Success begets success. If you can make your clients successful via their training, you will undoubtedly have a successful business. 

It is that simple, but you have to have great programming.

Your clients get great results, they want to pay you, and they refer their friends and family to you without you even asking. This creates a positive feedback loop in your business that will propel you forward.

That, my friends, is how you grow a thriving training business. Not flashy marketing. Not absurd antics on social media.

Just solid programming that gets results.

The Playbook does the legwork for you

You can learn how to program better through experience, formal education, reading books and research articles, and listening to podcasts.

But it will take you years, and maybe even a decade (like it did for me). 

The Playbook teaches you exactly how to program using the CxC method and provides you with a programming framework to build programs off of for all common scenarios.

The Playbook will save you hundreds, if not thousands of hours, by teaching you exactly what you need to know to write great training programs, in the following key areas:

  • The 5 Step How To Write A Program Process with case studies
  • Exercise Science Fundamentals
  • Strength Methods
  • Hypertrophy Methods
  • Energy Systems
  • Aerobic Conditioning Methods
  • Anaerobic Conditioning Methods

Most importantly, the Playbook teaches you how to connect the underlying science directly to writing programs.

The most successful trainers create a framework when writing programs to ensure their clients avoid overtraining, get the best results, which allows you to write better programs, faster!

I can tell you from experience that 
the most successful trainers use a framework so they can easily plug in the right methods on the right days for their clients. This ensures proper CNS recovery between sessions and expedites the program writing process.

The process of writing programs now becomes a cohesive and organized process vs. haphazardly pulling methods, exercises, sets, reps, and rest intervals out of thin air. Every piece of your program has a concise "WHY" so not only will your clients get better results, but you'll have the confidence to explain every aspect of your program.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or brand new to training others, using a programming framework when writing programs is way faster and more efficient, period.

Otherwise, you will get buried under a mountain of programs you have to write, and never have time off.

Pro tip: Don’t let this be you

This is exactly why I included 34 individual scenarios complete with templates & sample programming into my Playbook. 

I have identified the 34 most common types of clients you will program for in your career, and made templates for each of them.

This gives you a starting point for every training scenario you’ll encounter, so you can quickly plug and play the right methods, for the right clients, at the right time instead of starting from a blank sheet. 

This is literally the definition of ‘working smarter, not harder’.

Many of our Playbook customers tell me they cut their programming time in half by using the templates. 

Romain, for example, said he cut his programming time down from 90 minutes to 45 minutes:

The Playbook literally pays for itself 

There are a lot of marketing gurus out there that will happily convince you to pay them thousands of dollars per month to get more clients.

I don’t think they’re wrong for doing this because it sort of works, I just don’t think it gets to the heart of the problem, which is if you have low retention, you will get crushed and have to find new clients and you won’t get referrals.

If instead you spend that time and money improving your ability to help your clients by learning how to write better programs, spending thousands a month on marketing becomes irrelevant and unnecessary.

Don’t get stuck on a hamster wheel

As someone who has literally built my own house from running my online training business, I can tell you for a fact that the best marketing in the world won’t save you if you can’t write great programs that get results, quickly and efficiently.

Consider this…if you keep 1 client for 1 to 2 additional months because of the material in the Playbook, it pays for itself (and this will happen thousands of times over your career).

To learn more about exactly what you’ll get when you purchase the Playbook, keep reading below.


The Programming Playbook

10 Educational Modules

30+ Programming Scenarios

The Playbook includes 30+ PDF programming & templates of the most common programming scenarios, including:

  • 2x a week beginner/intermediate clients
  • 2x a week clients
  • 3x a week beginner/intermediate clients
  • 3x a week clients
  • 4-5x a week beginner/intermediate clients
  • 4-5x a week clients
  • CrossFit Competitors
  • Conjugate Football
  • CrossFit Group Classes
  • Powerlifting
  • Conjugate 3x A Week
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Tactical Athletes
  • Concurrent Using 6-12-25
  • Concurrent Using Cluster Set
  • MMA Programming
  • And many more...

Programming Cheatsheets

The Playbook includes the following cheat sheets, to keep vital information at your fingertips:

Everything you need to write better training programs, faster.

Your Instructor

Jason Brown, MS, CSCS

Hi, I’m Jason Brown.

I’ve spent my entire 15+ year career training everyday athletes to become healthier, stronger, and better conditioned, using a method I’ve developed called Conjugate x Conditioning.

I’ve been exclusively online coaching since 2015. I’m a combat veteran, a former gym owner, founder of Jason Brown Coaching, and published author of “Lower-body Training” via Human Kinetics.

I created the Ultimate Programming Playbook to share the knowledge and systems I’ve learned and built from my years of experience, earning my master’s degree, and authoring hundreds if not thousands of articles for my own website, T-Nation, and EliteFTS.

The Playbook is something I wish I would have had for myself earlier in my career, and I know that it will help anyone who writes programs. I use these exact resources daily in my own business right now. They work.

I can only train so many people at once, and the online fitness industry is booming and will continue to for years to come. I believe if you use the resources in the Playbook, it will help you develop your career as a fitness professional and help your clients get better results.

Thank you for checking out the Playbook. You will love it.

- Jason Brown, MS CSCS

The Programming Playbook

  • Get access to Jason’s complete CxC system for writing world class training programs.
  • Learn how and why to use proven strength training and aerobic conditioning methods to get your clients better results. 
  • Use Jason’s templates so you can plug and play methods, techniques, and rep schemes, to cut the time it takes you to write programs for your clients in half.

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This is an amazing playbook that is definitely worth much more! I am very detail oriented and this program was close to flawless. I needed guidance and this program gave me that plus so much more. I believe that I am going to be a much better coach because of it. It has also made me want to get my CCS! Thank you so much for this and I will always be a supporter.

Jenai Molden

Jason Brown cut my programming time in half. I used to spend 90 minutes for a single month programming when the client was doing a ×4/week split. I'm now around 45 minutes for 4 weeks programming and will probably be able to go to 30 minutes soon for 8-12 weeks of programming.

Romain Kollar

I might not have paid attention closely enough to what was being advertised, but there is a LOT more here than what I feel was advertised. I expected to only receive the Playbook. I did not expect to receive the educational info and coursework or the ability to get CEUs. I also did not expect to get the 2 complete programs included. This is a phenomenal product!

Dan McDade

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

The Ultimate Programming Playbook comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not delighted with this resource, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and you will be given a full refund.