There is one training system that's produced better results & produced life-long clients compared to anything I’ve done the last 18 years…and I want you to have it.

Learn the science and art of concurrent program design and get access to a full library of strength, conditioning, hypertrophy methods, and more!


What do you learn from writing training programs that have helped hundreds of thousands of people?


Over the past few years, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours writing training programs for clients of all types…

Busy moms and dads, high performing entrepreneurs, elite-level high-intensity fitness athletes, Ex-CrossFit athletes, strength enthusiasts, stay-at-home parents, weekend warriors, US Military, overworked CEO’s, and everyone in between.

The results those programs produced had coaches knocking down my door to write programs for them, their clients, and even entire gyms.

Over that time, I found my unique training templates using my Strength & Energy Systems development methods produced more results, created more referrals, and made me more money than anything else.

I turned those training templates into a seamless plug & play programming system. 

Here are a few of the different scenarios you’ll have copy & paste programming templates & sample programming that have already worked for thousands of people around the world. In addition to over 50 templates with programming, you'll get full library video modules so you can constantly reinforce the 'why' behind every single method you decide to use…

  • 2x a week beginner/intermediate clients 
  • 2x a week clients
  • 3x a week beginner/intermediate clients
  • 3x a week clients 
  • 4-5x a week beginner/intermediate clients 
  • 4-5x a week clients
  • CrossFit Competitors
  • Conjugate Football
  • CrossFit Group Classes
  • Conjugate Powerlifting
  • Concurrent 3x A Week
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Tactical Athletes
  • 6-12-25 Shock Method
  • Conjugate Using Cluster Sets
  • Full Body Strength & Conditioning
  • MMA Programming
  • Note: all of these templates & programming include both Strength & Conditioning modalities (there is no linear periodization in this course as it's not effective for 9/10 people you'll work with)
  • Plus 11 of my most popular PDF programs to provide you with real-world examples that have stood the test of time.

Plus, with each scenario you’ll see multiple templates examples, programming samples, video explanations, and more.

These aren’t “theoretical” templates–

they’re PROVEN programs tested in the trenches with more than 100,000 people initially through my programming for CrossFit boxes and now exclusively individuals that use my Training Programs...

Are you 100% confident in your ability to write programs that consistently produce results for ANY client? 

The templates and plug-n-play programming methods I’m giving you will provide you with that certainty and confidence. Guaranteed.

This will allow you to transform more lives and shoot your business into hypergrowth mode.

The best part is, you won’t need to go back to college and spend another $50-$100k for a post-college degree… And you won’t need to spend 5+ hours writing programs with 14 tabs open, 2 screens, and fumbling through multiple textbooks.

So, if you ever find yourself…

  • Not understanding how to optimally program both strength & conditioning programming within the same week.
  • Not knowing if what you're writing for your clients is going to work 
  • Wondering how to progress a client
  • Or wondering if this will produce the results your client wants 
  • Questioning what the right training split is for a specific client 

Then you’re going to love The Programming Playbook… Because you’re exactly the type of person I put this all together for.

Get access to my complete library of training programs and learn you how to customize them.

This is literally a fill-in-the-blank programming system with all the materials & video modules that you can use inside your business immediately and drastically reduce the time it takes you to write a world-class program.
 If you’re doing A TON of unique customization, it’ll still take less time. And I’ll show you how to do all that. I honestly don’t believe you’ll find an easier way to increase client results, program adherence, and improve customer retention and satisfaction. 

Plus, I’m going to give you my paint-by-number system to writing world class programs that you know are going to work.

This programming is what I used to go from making $50k a year to $450k a year in 13 months!

This program writing system has taken me close to a decade to perfect. 
They’re responsible for thousands of client transformations, countless referrals, and respect from the BEST strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

If you want to stack the deck in your favor – and give you total control over your client success and ultimately, your business growth… you’re in the right place.

Learn how to effectively blend both strength training and conditioning.
Write programs with tried & true methods.
Access a complete libary of methods and never have to scour texts again.
Expedite learning & become a master of
your craft.
Fully understand how to optimally program both strength and conditioning within the same week.
Improve your credibility & status as the expert.
Become more knowledgeable with programming.
Avoid years of trial & error.
Become top 1% of coaches.

Training Templates +
Video Breakdowns +
A Paint-By-Numbers Programming =

Reliable Client Results, Ravings Fans, & Control Over Your Own Success

My goal is to give you a reliable way to get amazing results for your clients… with a fraction of the time and energy. Reliable results produce clients that are walking billboards. Walking billboards get an insane amount of referrals. Referrals improves your reputation, makes you more in-demand, and gives you more control over your business and life. 

That’s why I firmly believe CLIENT RESULTS are the best way to gain control of your business. Not just for the next few months, but for months and years to come.

That’s why I put this all together. And that’s why I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal my programming methods which have already helped tens of thousands of people. Honestly, it’s like having me as your personal mentor, looking over your shoulder and helping you create world-class programming.

“ Why is that helpful, and why the heck should I even listen to you? 

I’m Jason Brown, military veteran and strength and conditioning coach with 18 years of experience under my belt. 

I first created Conjugate X Conditioning training method back in 2011 when I opened my CrossFit box that took the high intensity fitness training community by storm. A few years back I was the first coach to develop a training system that blended Conjugate training methods with conditioning. 

Conjugate X Conditioning was born and has helped thousands of people around the world look, feel, and perform better than ever–without burnout or injury.

I started coaching back in college and during that time, I’ve been able to do some cool things.

I’ve written over 1000 articles for some of the most respected publications in fitness.

I had THE biggest publisher of strength and conditioning textbooks approach me in 2021 to write a lower-body training book for them.

My program design methods spread like wildfire in the high intensity fitness community. And before I knew it, I had a business designing training programs for over 200+ gyms and their members.

I became one of the most sought-after strength and conditioning experts for concurrent training methods–and just my programming in general.

The only reason any of that happened is because my training programs get better results than ANYTHING people have tried before.

My training programs started generating buzz and I became the guy to rebuild people who’re STUCK in a vicious cycle. The type of people who… would go through 50 training programs and STILL wouldn't have the body, strength, or performance they want. Or find themselves restarting New Year’s resolutions every year because they kept coming up short… beat up, burnt out, or exhausted.

That’s why I am 100% confident that if you use my training templates, the paint by numbers programming methods, and the special bonuses that I put together for you… You WILL repeatedly and consistently increase client results–which will have a dramatic impact in your business. 

In short, I’m going to give you the keys to the kingdom… 

Because there’s no easier way to stand out from the crowd than to help clients get better results than they’ve ever been able to get before.

Coaches often ask how I built multiple 6-figure businesses WITHOUT spending TONS of money on marketing…

*Or plastering clients results publicly.*

One word… RESULTS. 

When you’re world-class at getting results, you don’t need to pimp every client testimonial and check in their photo on Instagram. Instead, you have walking “billboards” telling all their friends and family about you. Instead of YOU grinding… 

 … Your clients do it FOR you.

 Posting pictures of training, in the mirror, in a new outfit, or just bragging about how much they love working with a coach who finally gets them.

Results create walking & talking

BILLBOARDS who call people crazy

for working with anyone BUT you

Eye-catching ads, fancy funnels, and slick sales strategies can get people coming to you.

  • RESULTS make enrollment easy. 
  • RESULTS create walking billboards.
  • RESULTS keep them as clients for months.
  • RESULTS turn clients into referral machines.
  • RESULTS produce reliable revenue and consistent business. 

I call this the “Fitness Business Profit Flywheel”.

  1. Repeatable Results
  2. Walking Billboards
  3. Referrals & Retention
  4. Reliable Revenue 

As a flywheel spins, it gains momentum. As it gains momentum, it spins faster. As it spins faster, it becomes harder to stop or slow down.

That’s the recipe for a successful fitness business–the flywheel effect.

In fact, The Fitness Business Profit Flywheel is the exact strategy I personally used to build a 7-figure fitness business. 

Creating a flywheel effect allows you to consistently generate new clients and revenue while cementing your reputation as a trustworthy and reputable coach.  

Problem is, so many coaches do things that slow the flywheel down or completely stop it from spinning and gaining momentum.

The #1 reason the flywheel never gets the momentum it needs is coaches don’t have a reliable, consistent, and repeatable results

Sometimes in-person coaches skate by without stellar results because people just want to pay them for a place to escape their day and talk. But if you’re online, it’s a different story.

With online coaching, there’s at least 1 million *decent* coaches. 

Coaches who’re constantly marketing and trying to work with the same clients as you. 

Meaning, if you don’t get results, you can kiss your reputation, integrity, and ultimately, your career goodbye.

Results are king. Your success (or failure) depends on it.  

That’s why I spent the last 18 years stacking the deck in my favor… by becoming one of the best in the world at writing programs that deliver results. 

Now, for the first time ever… 

You can get your hands on over 50+ of my absolute best training programs that had coaches and clients knocking down my door to work with me… 

Complete with templates, video breakdowns, programming samples, my paint-by-numbers system, and so much more… 

To produce reliable client results, ravings fans, and give you control of your success and reputation as a coach. 


The Programming Playbook 2.0 

*This is an updated version of the playbook for 2023 that we've 'trimmed the fat' after pulling data from the nearly 1000 coaches that have purchased the playbook to now provide you with all of the most relevant information you need while being able to reduce the cost!

Write world class training programs in in less time!

Get 30+ of the best training programs ever written… video breakdowns and internal resources I used to customize & tweak these templates for ANY client­­–even if it’s an extremely unique situation…

Plus, the internal program design system with over 50 video modules each with downloadable tables, charts, templates, and everything else I use in my online business has taken me close to a decade to perfect.

I’m talking about going all out and giving you EVERYTHING you need to go from where you are to where you want to be...

Nothing held back! I'm literally handing you my entire playbook on a silver platter!


This system is responsible for thousands of client transformations, countless referrals, and respect from the BEST strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

"I’ve been using Jason’s system for the past 4 years and my personal income has grown from $42,000 each year to $270,000 each year" 

Here’s the reality when it comes to templates… Ordinary templates suck. 

Let me explain WHY they suck. That way you can clearly see what makes The Programming Playbook so different.

Flaw #1: Don’t make you a better coach

Standard templates don’t teach you anything. This makes them useless for any situation that isn’t the PERFECT situation the template was created for. Not these.

Not only will you learn how to customize these for countless different clients and situations… but you’ll know why… and how to do it in 15 minutes or less.

Working from a foundation of insanely effective templates is actually the BEST way for you to learn. Why? Because it allows you to take advantage of multiple learning types instead of just one.

This is like the famous quote… “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

I’m not only teaching you to fish. I’m giving you the fatest, best tasting fish you can find… Then I’m teaching you how to catch more of these fish for life.

Flaw #2: Cookie-cutter & unreliable

Standard templates are cookie-cutter which makes them unreliable for getting results… because when people fall outside of that specific scenario, they fall apart. 

The Programming Playbook serves a deeper purpose. Yes, you have the templates–but you will also have the trainings, resources, tools, and knowledge to make them extremely reliable.

Meaning, you know that when you make certain tweaks–because that’s what’s best for a client–those tweaks will consistently produce a favorable result.

Imagine being able to do that with an arsenal of templates… And the ability to make those tweaks in just minutes. Yes, not so cookie-cutter anymore.

Flaw #3: For lazy coaches who don’t care

A common misconception I’ve heard from coaches is that templates are for lazy coaches who don’t care. I see plenty of coaches who fall into this category… but that’s NOT who The Ultimate Programming Playbook was created for.

The Ultimate Programming Playbook was created for coaches who care so deeply that they know it’s doing their clients a disservice to give them anything but the best programming…

Or to waste time, energy, and cognitive horsepower on something they didn’t need to in the first place. 

The fact is, most coaches are ADDICTED to struggle. They think “grinding” is a badge of honor. That’s bullshit. 

You don’t get a prize for grinding harder or taking the long way… even if you end up in the same place.

Grinding is not a badge of honor. RESULTS are. 

If you still glorify the struggle, consider adopting an optimal mentality instead. 

With The Ultimate Programming Playbook, you’re able to reallocate all the time, energy, effort, and mental load to regain to other places.

Instead of taking you 3, 5, even 7+ hours to onboard, do your intake, write their programs, deliver those programs, and clear up any questions... 

Now you get to put all that time, energy, and effort somewhere else. More education, business growth, marketing, personal development, or just hanging out with your family. The alternative? Spend countless hours writing programs that get subpar client results. Those subpar client results aren’t enough to keep clients around for the long term, which means a loss in revenue. Not just a loss of revenue, but a loss of referral source too.

This is a MAJOR shot to your confidence moving forward–which is never good for your career. After all that you consider going back to school and spending 50k, 75k, or 100k on a master’s degree or PhD. It’s just a mess.

In order to have templates and a programming method that can literally transform your clients and your business… you need 2 things… 

  1. A proven system

  2. Knowledge to tweak, customize, and build off of them. 

I’m giving you BOTH, plus a whole lot more…

Get Access To…

30+ of my Best Training Templates & Programming

These are the 30+ best training programs that have made me more money & produced better client results compared to anything I’ve done the last 17 years.

Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Guide

You’ll never look at sets, reps, and rest intervals the same way again. The ultimate guide to writing artful programming that equates to otherworldly results for you and your clients.

Exercise Order Cheat Sheet

A common pitfall among the most veteran coaches is not having a command of the right exercise order or sequence of patterns. Learn how to master exercise order so your programming flows easily and seamlessly. This alone will significantly cut down the time you spend programming.

Movement Pattern Classification Key

Understanding that each movement has a different effect on the human body is critical to knowing what movements to use, when to use them, and why.

Comprehensive Strength Methods Table

The A-Z strength methods table that are tried and true and applicable to real-world situations. You’ll be given all of the details for each method with regards to programming and even how each method has a different impact on the nervous system. Each method also comes with a video a module so you're never left to second-guess.

The Ultimate Conditioning Methods Guide

Only the must-have conditioning methods that are critical to creating a well-rounded, concurrent training program, where your clients can continuously make progress without burning out. Much like strength methods, all the subtle nuances are provided such as how each method affects the nervous system with complete video explanations.

How To Program For Slow Vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Manual

Did you know that fast twitch muscle responds better to certain rep ranges and certain loading? Having this manual of muscle fiber type by major muscle group will give you the ‘cheat sheet’ for properly programming the right sets, reps, and rest intervals.

The Complete Hypertrophy Handbook

Look at hypertrophy work through a new lens and fully understand the role each aspect of hypertrophy training has as it relates to real-world gains!

You’ll also get immediate access to these a FREE bonus gift to help… 


My goal with The Programming Playbook is to help you increase client success and make more (hopefully LOTS more) money as a result. So in addition to the 30 best training programs, templates, and programming resources…


New Client Onboarding Checklist

I’ve been a full-time coach for a decade. During that time, I’ve written A LOT of programs. Thousands of them. 
Whenever a new client hires me, I have a series of onboarding questions I ask.
These onboarding questions give me the 80/20 of everything I need to write wildly effective training programs… without overwhelming the client with unnecessary questions… or forcing me to sort through a ton of unnecessary things as well.
I want to give you my onboarding checklist and process I personally use inside my 7-figure business.

You’ll have all the tools, templates, and resources you need to create super effective training programs for any type of client!


If I had to start rebuilding a new fitness business with no reputation… I know beyond a shadow of doubt with The Programming Playbook, I could start all over again and reach the same, if not greater heights than before. While most people would be freaking out over how they’ve lost their business, network, or reputation…

… I’d be customizing training programs for new clients with confidence and certainty that they’re going to get results.

And then I’d sit back as my Fitness Business Profit Wheel starts catching momentum and pumping out client success stories and the referrals come piling in. But this is only possible when you have a reliable way of getting clients results. I did all of the hard work, and figured everything out, so you don’t have to.

How did I become 100% confident that any program I give to a client WILL GET RESULTS?


My programming roots started during college. I was playing football at the time. And during the offseason, I was working at a local gym. That’s when I first discovered my love for training, programming and coaching. I decided to study Exercise Physiology and went on to earn my Master of Science degree. I figured what better way to become a master at my craft than to hone my skills from a proven, scientifically backed standpoint. 

Turns out, that wasn’t at ALL what happened.

Many things didn’t apply to creating incredibly effective training plans so I bought all the “best” training books people would talk about. I read Supertraining cover to cover MULTIPLE times. Took countless pages of notes. Spent hours writing training programs over and over. But like most coaches, I struggled to put all the pieces together.

The more training and programming information I read, the less confident I felt writing programs.


Even worse, it took me even LONGER because I would have to argue with myself about what was best. I realized I still had FAR more questions about what exactly, what’s working best, and what was a waste of time. Especially when it came to the nitty gritty details like…

  • How many sets and reps?
  • What tempo and rest periods?
  • How should I break up the training week?
  • What methods should I use in my programming?
  • What type of training split should I use with my clients?
  • How many sets should I prescribe for specific situations?
  • Which exercise variations are more effective for progressions and regressions?

My Programming Methods & Skills Were Sharpened From Real World Application


Over the years, my unique program design methods have helped over 30,000 people shatter PR’s, slash times off their WOD’s, pack on slabs of lean muscle, and get a lean physique… without training multiple times per day. Gym owners, athletes, personal trainers, and online coaches started catching on. People were reaching out to hire me to write programs for them and their clients left and right. Because they saw the power in it too. Practically begging me to teach them how to do it themselves.

  • How do you assess each client and write them individualized conditioning programs?
  • How do you pick what type of conditioning method to use and when?
  • How do you program for general population clients versus athletes?
  • How do you prioritize what capabilities to work on?
  • What about effective programming for larger groups or teams?

They wanted me to break down my methods. Showing them how I design incredibly effective training programs with 100% confidence. They wanted the tools, skills, and resources to do the same. Because these topics are so important—and because there’s such a lack of quality conditioning information out there. Quite frankly, I wanted to share everything too.

In 2018, I decided to put all my program design knowledge into a course.  All the principles, 150k work of education–a bachelors and masters degree. All the physiological education, all the methods, all the science that I learned from coaches, videos, textbooks, and real-world application. 

Thousands of coaches took it and I didn’t get a single negative review. But there was a massive problem–when it came to real world application, coaches were having a hard time implementing. I was still seeing great coaches who genuinely cared about their clients and desperately wanted to be better at programming make huge mistakes… Butchering exercise order, selection, sets, reps, and rest intervals.

I realized something insanely important. Knowledge is NOT power. In fact…

Knowledge without action creates more fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

If you’re a coach, that’s a terrible place to live.

The equation you should be looking to solve for is Knowledge x Action = Power.

Most coaches need LESS information. They need structure, templates, and implementation strategies to SEE it in action… to SEE the results… to SEE feedback faster. When you shorten the feedback loop, by giving clients amazing programs that get them results fast, you grow as a coach. This creates a positive feedback which is a gamechanger for confidence, success, and ultimately, a profitable (or unprofitable) career.

If you want more control over your business and future, this is for you…

I don’t know about you, but I like having full control of my business. It allows me to sleep better at night. 
That’s why I actively choose to use LEVERAGE in my time. Leverage comes in many forms like systems, processes, templates, and people. I use leverage for more control over my business without needing to trade hours for dollars.

The Programming Playbook allows you to do the same.



If you want more control over your business and future, this is for you…

I don’t know about you, but I like having full control of my business. It allows me to sleep better at night. 
That’s why I actively choose to use LEVERAGE in my time. Leverage comes in many forms like systems, processes, templates, and people. I use leverage for more control over my business without needing to trade hours for dollars.

The Programming Playbook allows you to do the same.


Let’s do some quick math. 

I don’t know the numbers in your business so I’m just going to use some general numbers I’ve heard from coaches recently and what I believe are industry averages. 
Let’s say you charge online coaching clients $250/month and your average client stays for 4 months.

Imagine how much longer clients would stick around if they’re getting better results than they ever have before? How long can you expect them to stay then? 6 months, 12 months, 24 months?

Maybe you think it’s unrealistic for someone to go from 4 months to 8 months, but I assure you that it’s NOT.

I literally have clients that have been with me for 7 years.


Yes, SEVEN years. Not months.

The fact is, it’s entirely realistic, possible, and actually quite simple to make that happen when your clients feel like they’re cared for and they get great results. When you’re able to repeatedly and reliably get results for clients, demand grows. As demand grows, you’re able to charge more too. Instead of charging 200-300/month, you may start offering $1k, $2k, maybe even $3k+ coaching packages.

So, you have multiple things going on here:

  1. Clients happily pay you more
  2. They pay you for longer periods of time

Either way, just by getting better results, you can potentially double your take home pay. That’s before adding in your walking billboards.

If everything in The Programming Playbook got just ONE client to stick around for another 6, 8, or 12 months… 

That means for most coaches it would be easily worth $1,500 or more. One client sticking around for a little longer to pay for it all. That’s a great deal.  
But I’m not here to do deals. I’m here to help you get where you need to go FASTER and more reliably. Even if you paid half of that - that would make it worth $750. It would make sense for me to charge AT LEAST these prices because I’m virtually giving you the keys to the kingdom here… 30+ templates, paint-by-numbers programming system… full library and PDF resources… new client onboarding resources… and more…

As you can see, there’s MASSIVE value here. That’s why we thought long and hard about this…

On one hand I realize this is like
giving you the keys to the kingdom…

… On the other hand I wish every coach who genuinely cares about their clients & their craft to have this.


This was a massive undertaking, between the time and cost of creating this. The decades of trial and error, studying, testing, figuring it all out, creating it, organizing it, packaging it, creating the training around it, and everything else. I’ve already given a TON of free value on my blog and other sites after contributing over 2,000 fitness articles over the years… and we have costs of running our business.

We thought long and hard about charging $1,500. Knowing full well you can get all your money back from the increased customer stick rate, total value of a client, and amount you will likely increase your prices. With all that in mind, 1,500 seemed like an extremely fair price. Even a steal. But then we thought more about how many coaches are in need of something like this. So we decided to cut it in half and settle on $750. Then my wife and a mentor of mine challenged me and said…

 “ I want the price to make you feel uncomfortable–whether that’s HIGH or extremely LOW.

With the amount of coaches I knew that I wanted to help with this, I knew I could do better… so we chopped the price again.

When the dust finally settled we agreed…

If you hired me for group coaching, it would cost you between $800-1,000.

If you hired me to privately coach you, it would cost $4,000. 

If you hired me to walk you through every step of this, give you all of these resources, and coach you week by week through the process, it would cost you $7,500. 

Coaches happily pay those fees for one reason and one reason only… RESULTS. 

I know I might sound like a broken record by now but that’s because results are the lifeblood of my business. Always were and always will be. 

When you become known as the go-to coach that gets results, you’ll be able to charge whatever you’d like too.

YES! I Want To Write World Class Training Programs In 30 Minutes Or Less AND retain my clients for life!


Become a world-class coach when registration goes live that has sharpened their programming skills & efficiency and stopped hoping their clients would stick around.


I’m hoping by giving you my most successful training templates, you use them so we both can enjoy the success stories that come out of it…

I never planned on doing this. Honestly, the thought of doing this freaked me out. 
Because I’ve invested hundreds of thousands in education and spent decades honing my craft. Yet here it is and here I am. I decided to do this because I wanted to create something that has never been created for strength and conditioning coaches. Something so powerful that it would be a total game changer for their business, career, and their clients.

Most people sell products and courses they KNOW 90% of people won’t use.

I wanted to flip the table so 90% of people DO use this–because I know it’s going to be a gamechanger for their business.

I believe “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

It might seem crazy that I’m offering to give you my best training programs, templates, and program design system that people pay me a lot of money to personally implement. 
Honestly, maybe I AM crazy–but I firmly believe in the principle of abundance. The more you give, the more you receive. And it compounds over time. Knowing this, I’d be doing myself (and everyone else) a disservice by holding back and NOT giving away the keys to the kingdom. It’s as simple as that. I just want to give back. The strength and conditioning world has given me so much. I figured the easiest way to repay my debt is to pass this on… so future generations can benefit from this.

To recap, here’s everything you’re getting to transform your skills into a profitable online business that produces results for your clients for years to come.

  • 30+ of my best training templates & programming
  • Concurrent Training Vs. Conjugate Training Module
  • The Interference Effect Module
  • Lifetime course access
  • Video instruction and supporting resources directly related to writing incredible training programs
  • A complete video library for strength methods complete with guidelines & sample programming.
  • A complete video library for conditioning methods complete with guidelines & sample programming. 
  • Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Guide
  • Exercise Order Cheat Sheet
  • Movement Pattern Classification Key
  • Comprehensive Strength Methods Table
  • The Ultimate Conditioning Methods Guide
  • How To Program For Slow Vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Manual
  • The Complete Hypertrophy Handbook
  • Tempo Programming 101
  • Core Programming 101
  • BONUS: New Client Onboarding Checklist
  • BONUSFinishers Sample Programming

YES! I Want To Learn The Art & Science Of Concurrent Programming!


There’s nothing stopping you
from trying to do this all on your own.

You can go back to college, take every online course and certification you come across, and spend years learning program design at the deepest level. 
You can come up with your own systems for blending… nervous system development, muscle physiology, bioenergetics, training effects, functional anatomy, needs analysis, periodization, general adaptation syndrome & supercompensation, and more.

The thing is, how much is that investment going to cost you? And are you willing to risk potential injury, opportunity cost, all that energy, time, and even your reputation? So YES, you can try to reverse engineer success on your own. Or you can just let me give you the keys to the kingdom… AND let me show you how to build your own kingdom in a fraction of the time.

Here’s what to do next.

By reading this far, you’ve already shown something that most coaches and trainers don’t. You’ve shown that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

  • You have a growth mindset, not a scarcity mindset.
  • You are the type of coach who cares about quality.
  • You are committed to becoming a better coach and leader.
  • You are the kind of coach who will put in the work to stay at the top of your game.
  • You know that education and results are the best way to do that.

The reality is, most people who land on this page aren’t that type of coach. We wish they were, but that type of coach is a rare breed.

Yes, YOU are a rare breed. And I want to give you the tools, resources, and empowerment to quickly climb to the top of your field and stay there.

That’s what 100% confidence in your ability to create programs that shatter clients’ goals will help you do. 

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