Build a stronger, more resilient, and well-conditioned body without burning out.

Discover how high-intensity training and random workouts are a mis-match for 99% of the population and why prioritizing things like strength and aerobic fitness will allow to improve your fitness will building a killer a physique.


Build a stronger, more resilient, and well-conditioned body without burning out.

Discover how CrossFit’s inferior training is a watered-down version of the REAL “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity” training method… and it’s killing your results and priming your body for burnout.


Welcome to the CXC METHOD

Formerly birthed from the training secrets of Soviet Olympic Gold Medalists and world-record powerlifters, this is what 30,000 people are using to:

  • Pack on 5, 10, even 15+ pounds of lean muscle in record time
  • Build a leaner, more defined physique without hours of mindless cardio
  • Become more functional and be able to outclass 20-years old in the gym
  • Replenish your energy and feel more resilient than ever—almost unbreakable
  • Shatter PR’s and WOD’s while having a blast and rekindling your love for training

Dear friend,

Squats with 21-15-9 rep schemes at 95% intensity will get you sore… Thrusters and toes-to-bar until you puke will get you tired… Burpees and box jumps will make you sweat… Sure, random exercises in a WOD while chasing your fastest time will make you FEEL like you got a good workout… But the pros know that doesn’t mean results are on the horizon.

In fact, this balls-to-the-wall training mentality often leads to injury and burnout. Even advanced trainees fall into the trap… They believe all they need to do to keep making progress is to train “harder.”

Sadly, this isn’t true

High-Intensity training and random workouts simply are not sustainable and will likely take you further away from your goals in the long-run. Now, don’t get me wrong, the concept behind high-intensity training is solid… Combining the best of strength training & conditioning into one program. And I’ll let you in on a deep dark secret – I gave high-intensity training a shot myself when I was introduced to it by a buddy of mine. What attracted me to it is the competitiveness. Now, I was a college athlete so I’ll admit that part got my juices flowing. And it definitely can be fun.

However, based on my experience and education in exercise science, I immediately knew that this simply was NOT the best of both worlds, it certainly wasn’t the best strength training out there for sure. I’ll prove this in a minute. So, I realized that all these high-intensity athletes who had a cult-like following and allegiance to this thing were priming themselves for less than stellar long-term results, burnout, and even serious injury. It actually led me to the best decision of my life – more on that later. For now, it’s important that you know and understand the most common programming mistakes you’ll find in almost every training program out there (but especially if you like high-intensity type training)… so you avoid them at all costs.

3 Overlooked High Intensity Programming Mistakes Holding You Back


My CXC Method Traces to

Soviet Olympic Gold Medalists

The base of CXC comes from a particular strength and conditioning system called the “Conjugate Method.” This system can be traced back to Soviet Olympic Gold Medalists. Which was later perfected in a setting that’s produced more world-record-holding powerlifters than any other gym in the world…

Then adopted by me to integrate the (much needed) conditioning and physique development qualities to make this the PERFECT training method for type A people that typically gravitate toward High-Intensity training. To date, it’s already helped over 30,000 worldwide.

I’m hoping you’re next. But I should warn you…

What I’m about to share will go against everything you’ve been told about how you need to train to get leaner, stronger, and faster.

First, let me introduce myself…

I'm Jason Brown

Founder Of Jason Brown Coaching & the “Coach of Coaches"

Today, I’m a highly sought-after strength and conditioning expert. Before that, I was a collegiate football player and started coaching athletes in the off-season at a Strength & Conditioning facility that I trained at. It was during an internship at that same facility where I would gain the foundation of my strength & conditioning education. I studied Exercise Physiology and earned a Masters of Science Degree

Then, I became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach (to name a few of my credentials) As I explained, before I entered the military in 2006, I was introduced to CrossFit by a buddy of mine. I was definitely attracted to the competitive nature of it. But, I quickly realized the programming most CrossFit Athletes were doing was all wrong for the reasons I’ve already told you about.

After getting out of the military in 2011, my wife and I opened our own gym with the goal of creating programming that kept the competitiveness and fun of a CrossFit type program but also married the absolute best of strength training and conditioning

And it worked! Our gym members were loving it, seeing their best results ever and without any burnout or the common injuries that other programs are plagued with.

But, what happened next really shocked me…

Over 200 CrossFit Gyms Hired Me To Program My CXC Training Method For Their Members

That's right... My method spread like wildfire throughout the CrossFit and personal training community and other gym owners came to me for my programming methods. Experts who make a living helping others get back into shape hired me so they can use my CXC method to get their clients strong, fit, and healthy–safely and more efficiently. I've been using CXC to program for other gyms for over 8 years and they love it.

"Jason's programming is excellent. It is very well rounded and most importantly, produces results! I love all the accessory work he programs that most of us tend to forget about. As a box owner, Box Programming allows us to put more time into other business-related items without having to worry about programming solid workouts.” - Jamie Reisinger

Instead of following workouts that leave their members hurt, exhausted, and unimpressed with the results–and eventually leave… I take care of all their programming for their group training so their members stay healthy, happy, and more importantly–get amazing results.

Jason Brown Coaching Proudly Introduces:

Conjugate X Conditioning

If you want to look, feel, and perform your best... and be able to sustain it into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond… without spending hours a day in the gym? You won’t find a better option than CXC. Guaranteed. People from all different walks of life are benefiting from CXC—Busy gym owners, Elite-level CrossFit athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, stay-at-home parents, weekend warriors, US Military, overworked CEO’s, and many more.

After following CXC for just a few weeks, our clients are amazed to see...

  • Shirts get baggier around the waist and tighter around the arms and chest.Trade-in oversized clothes that fit you like a poncho to form-fitting clothes that compliment your physique... not hide it.
  • Get that “O crap” face when you notice you’re doing REPS of your old PR without wincing in pain. The best part is, you do it WITHOUT constantly hammering that same exercise over and over again.
  • Your spouse touches you differently. There’s a spark that hasn’t been there in years. Maybe it’s the hormones pumping? The fit and healthy physique? Is the confidence oozing off you? Who really cares… it’s just, BETTER.

  • Surprise your doctor the next time you go in for a visit.Bodyweight, BMI, health markers–all on the upswing Sleep, stress, and aches? Gone… or at least you’re on the fast track to getting there.

  • Remember what it’s like to enjoy and look forward to training because it’s fun...instead of dreading it because you know it’s going to beat your joints to a pulp.
  • Feel re-energized after training instead of leaving you exhausted And look forward to the days where your programming intelligently challenges you… and you can push harder, faster, and longer WITHOUT worrying about injury or burnout.
  • Build dense, strong, lean, functional muscle that isn’t just built for show… while maintaining low levels of body fat without killing yourself with conditioning.
  • Carry yourself with more confidence inside and outside the gym This newly discovered confidence spills over into other areas of life like work, relationships, sports, etc.
  • Best of all, you can do it ALL while still being home for dinner, playing with your kids, or early date night.

CXC includes everything you need to break physique, performance, and conditioning PR’s… without sacrificing family time, social life, and much-needed recovery.



  • Strategically Designed CXC Programming
    A 12 Week PDF of CXC programming to move you closer to your goals. Each week contains 4 strength training sessions, 2 conditioning sessions, and 1 recovery-based training session. Each session blends strength, conditioning, bodybuilding, and every so often you want those challenging workouts to really test you.
  • Optimal Warm-Up & Recovery Methods
    Warm-up and recovery are two wildly underutilized aspects of training. People either spend too much or too little time on these methods. As a CXC client, all this is programmed for you. This helps you get more out of your training, prevents imbalances, and makes your body more resilient.
  • Integrated Conditioning & GPP
    CXC clients get full conditioning and general physical preparedness training. Not only does this increase work capacity, so you can go longer and harder… but these planned conditioning sessions are great for improving body composition and burning fat.
  • Exercise Demo Videos
    You’ll have video exercise demonstrations for every exercise. Perfect your technique, get strong and add muscle fast, and dramatically reduce your chances of getting injured.
  • Private CXC Members-Only Support Community
    Exclusive invitation to our CXC members-only support community. This is where you can interact with other men and women who’re chasing their goals.

People all over the world are trading in their bastardized programming for the cross-disciplinary approach CXC provides.

“I will never use another training system, my wife and I are clients for life! I have been following BPTS for 3 years and I have never felt stronger or more confident in my training. It is my go-to for programming. Jason’s programming is organized, well thought out and based on proven scientific principles. I will never use another training system, my wife and I are clients for life!”

- Chris Lanciano

“The best program you can invest in!! I was doing my own workouts and following a lot of what is seen on social media. Going to cardio bootcamp classes thinking it was the only way to get “fit”. I started CXC two months ago and I can not say enough. Jason and Danielle have consistently given me feedback and knowledge tips. The workouts are efficient and effective that aren’t just strength-based, but includes mobility, flexibility, and conditioning! Finally implementing the rest my body needs and am gaining strength while seeing a body composition change.”

– Samantha Pender

“I love that the programming easily fit in the 1 hour training window I have every day. I’m also not 100% consistent due to “dad duties” and because the program is not linear as other traditional programs are, I can step in and out without missing out on making progress. At 42 I’ve been able to build my strength…this program has been a game changer for how my body feels.”

– Keith Queen

I’ve been loving the programming. Feeling stronger, fewer aches, and generally feel like a badass! I may miss a day here and there but always stay with the plan even if I’m behind. I can feel that this programming is for the long term gains and goals, not ground and pound. Thanks Jason Brown and Team!”

– Jamie Gallagher

“After years of competitive High Intensity Fitness. and then having 3 babies in 2.5 years, my body was feeling like it had gone through the ringer. I was also worried that I’d never look fit again. CXC literally has me looking BETTER after kids than I did before. Not to mention I’m back to being competitive with my old numbers. I’ll never do anything else.”

– Danielle Brown

“I’m really loving the workouts and how you’re describing them. It lets me completely check out the planning aspect and just show up and work out, which is exactly what I needed.”

–Chris Steingass

Here Are The Most Common Questions About CXC — And The Answers To Help:

If you haven’t made up your mind yet whether CXC is right for you, I understand. I put together a list of common questions and answers to help you make an educated and informed decision for yourself.