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"In better shape now with 3 kids than zero, and stronger and in less pain than I was doing competitive Crossfit. I'm a die-hard JB fan."

"CxC for the win!! Hands down the best training program I've ever used. Functionally, I'm stronger and faster than I ever was, and I considered myself an athlete."

I feel strongest & most jacked I've felt in my life!

I'm a tiny chick that does not put on muscle easily. I was able to build muscle, (increasing all of my lifts by 5 - 10 pounds) even in a small calorie deficit and dropping 8 pounds. The workouts were fun and I never felt rundown. Truly incredible programming.

As a stay-at-home dad with less time available to train, I look & feel the best I ever have!

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Ken Williams (59)

Custom Coaching Client

Working with Jason over the last several weeks has been awesome.  The format is simple, there are demo videos for every exercise, and if you have questions he’s super-responsive.  The training is truly dialed in for me, which is a big change for other programs I’ve followed – one size fits all doesn’t always work.  Additionally working the nutrition side with Jason’s wife Dani has been a revelation.  With some small tweaks, I’ve been able to capitalize on the dialed-in training, even more, maximizing my results!

John Rogers (59)

Custom Coaching Client

Working with Jason has been exactly what I needed. His program motivates me with a variety of exercises with the equipment and in the time that I have available. Each training block is set up for my ability and limitations are always addressed. I never thought I would keep getting stronger in my late fifties!

Christian Thibadeau

Elite Strength Coach

Jason is an amazing source of training information. Not only is he a great coach, but he is an awesome person. He is one of the few people who I learn from. Heck, he has even corrected me a few times, improving my own coaching and teaching! He has so much to offer to anybody interested in strength, conditioning, and performance that all strength coaches should try to learn as much as possible from him.

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