The “King Of Programming” Reveals His Best Training Programs... Plus His Proprietary Program Design Blueprint That Consistently Pumps Out Insane Client Results 

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Introducing The Ultimate Training Template Handbook:

The 1st paint-by-numbers programming blueprint to write world class training programs in 20 minutes or less
  • What do you learn from writing training programs that have helped hundreds of thousands of people? A LOT. 

  • Over the past few years, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours writing training programs for clients of all types…
  • Busy moms and dads, high performing entrepreneurs, elite-level high intensity fitness athletes, strength enthusiasts, stay-at-home parents, weekend warriors, US Military, overworked CEO’s, and everyone in between.
  • The results those programs produced had coaches knocking down my door to write programs for them, their clients, and even entire gyms.
Over that time, I found my unique training templates produced more results, created more referrals, and made me more money than anything else.

I turned those training programs into templates with sample programming to help guide you. 

Here are a few of the different scenarios you’ll have copy & paste programming templates that have already worked for thousands of people around the world…
  • 2x a week clients
  • 3x a week clients
  • 4x a week clients
  • 5x a week clients
  • 6x a week clients
  • Strength biased programmin
  • Conditioning biased programming
  • Balanced programming
  • Exercise Order PDF
  • Exercise Selection PDF
  • Tactical Programming
  • 6-12-25 Method Programming
  • Exercise Selection Chart For Both Strength & Conditioning
  • Movement Pattern Hierarchy Chart
  • How To Program Loaded Carries
  • Core Programming 101
  • How to assess whether a client needs more strength training or conditioning
Plus, with each scenario you’ll see multiple templates, programming samples, and more.

These aren’t “theoretical” templates they’re PROVEN programs  tested in the trenches… that reliably pump out success story after success story

If you’re NOT 100% certain in your ability to write programs that reliably and consistently produce results for ANY client? 

The templates and plug-n-play programming methods I’m giving you, will provide you that certainty and confidence. 

This will allow you to transform more lives and shoot your business into hypergrowth mode.

The best part is, you won’t need to go back to college and spend another $50-$100k for a post college degree… And you won’t need to spend 5+ hours writing programs with 14 tabs open, 2 screens, and fumbling through multiple textbooks.

So, if you ever find yourself…

  • Starting from scratch when you need to write a new program?  
  • Or sitting in front of your computer, stressing for 2-4+ hours writing programs when you get a new client? 
  • Or wondering if this will produce the results your client wants? 
  • Or you just want proven templates that will make your life and client fulfillment easier and more FUN – so you serve your clients at a higher level?
Then you’re going to love The Ultimate Training Template Handbook… Because you’re exactly the type of person I put this all together for.

These templates and the program writing system have taken me close to a decade to perfect.

They’re responsible for thousands of client transformations, countless referrals, and respect from the BEST strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

If you want to stack the deck in your favor – and give you total control over your client success and ultimately, your business growth… you’re in the right place.

Produce results with confidence & certainty
Shatter client results & expectations
Reclaim priceless hours & energy
Expedite learning & become a master of your craft
Implement in 15 minutes or less
Improve your credibility & status as the expert
Become a referral machine
Avoid years of trial & error
Become top 1% of coaches

Training Templates For Any Goal + Sample Programming + Video Breakdowns + A Paint-By-Numbers Programming System =

Reliable Client Results, Ravings Fans, & Control Over Your Own Success

My goal is to give you a reliable way to get amazing results for your clients… with a fraction of the time and energy. 

  • Reliable results produce clients that are walking billboards. 
  • Walking billboards get an insane amount of referrals. 
  • Referrals improves your reputation, makes you more in-demand, and gives you more control over your business and life. 

That’s why I firmly believe CLIENT RESULTS are the best way to gain control of your business. Not just for the next few months, but for months and years to come.

That’s why I put this all together. And that’s why I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal my programming methods which have already helped tens of thousands of people. 

Honestly, it’s like having me as your personal mentor, looking over your shoulder and helping you create world-class programming. 

“Why is that helpful or why the heck should I even listen to you?”

I’m Jason Brown, military veteran and strength and conditioning coach with 20 years of experience under my belt.  

I’m also the guy behind the Conjugate X Conditioning training method that took the high intensity fitness training community by storm.

A few years back I was the first coach to develop a training system that blended Conjugate training methods with conditioning. 

Conjugate X Conditioning was born and has helped thousands of people around the world look, feel, and perform better than ever–without burnout or injury. 

I started coaching back in college and during that time, I’ve been able to do some cool things.

  • I’ve written over 1000 articles for some of the most respected publications in fitness.
  • I had THE biggest publisher of strength and conditioning textbooks approach me in 2021 to write a lower-body training book for them.
  • My program design methods spread like wildfire in the high intensity fitness community. And before I knew it, I had a business designing training programs for over 200+ gyms and their members.
  • I became one of the most sought-after strength and conditioning experts for concurrent training methods–and just my programming in general. 

The only reason any of that happened is because my training programs get better results than ANYTHING people have tried before

There are a LOT of things I’m not good at.

But the only reason people know my name is because I AM extremely good at writing insanely effective training programs that deliver results and make businesses lots of money.

My training programs started generating buzz and I became the guy to rebuild people who’re STUCK in a vicious cycle.

The type of people who… would go through 50 training programs and STILL don’t have the body, strength, or performance they want… 

Or find themselves restarting New Year’s resolutions every year because they kept coming up short… beat up, burnt out, or exhausted.

Tyler Dittmer

The Programming Handbook and the CCPSC are absolute game-changers. The CCPSC brought me from a little confidence to 100% I can write programming for anyone that comes my way. You learn how to make it an art form of your own while individualizing for each of your clients. If you're serious about this as a career, then invest in yourself and go straight to the CCPSC! The value is beyond the price!

Ryan Gibney

I highly recommend Jason Brown's programming handbook to all
Coaches, even if you are an experienced coaches with over 15 years in the game like myself, it is great to maintain a white belt mentality and keep learning, even if it is just to update and refresh or remind you of stuff you already know or thought you knew or to get someone else’s interpretation of the information

Sarah Rippel

I feel that The Programming Playbook is one of the most comprehensive program design resources available for fit pros. I wish I would have had access to it when I was a younger trainer! That said, I believe it is a worthy investment for those of us who have been in the trenches for a while. In a sea of overcomplicated & trendy fitness nonsense, I appreciate Jason's straightforward approach. Our role as fitness professionals is to help our clients get results. 

Dani Barbosa

As a young and eager coach, I was spinning my wheels for hours on end writing one client’s program. The passion to lead my clients toward their goals was there but I was lacking the confidence to deliver. I was unsure about selecting the best methods, exercise order, volume prescription, and rest periods to get my clients moving in the right direction… I probably spent more time questioning myself than actually writing programs.

Marc Pitts

To date, Jason Brown's programming education was the most comprehensive and educational program I have studied. What I love about Jason's approach the most is the opportunity for me to work through the modules and then receive individualized feedback through top-notch mentorship. I would highly recommend any and all programs that Jason offers!

Jennifer Adams

Jason's programming is such a step above the rest. This programming isn't just a "guess" or haphazard choice of movements by someone in your local gym. It is created for ATHLETES. This means it focuses not only on bettering performance and increasing strength but focusing on mobility, flexibility, and one of the most important in crossfit (and most forgotten), recovery. Not to mention, these workouts are created based on the SCIENCE of the body.

That’s why I am 100% confident that if you use my training templates, the paint by numbers programming methods, and the special bonuses that I put together for you…

… You WILL repeatedly and consistently increase client results–which will have a dramatic impact in your business. 

In short, I’m going to give you the keys to the kingdom… 

Because there’s no easier way to stand out from the crowd than to help clients get better results than they’ve ever been able to get before.


The Ultimate Training Template Handbook

Write world class training programs in 20 minutes or less with a paint-by-numbers system

Get 13 of the best training programs ever written…and internal resources I used to customize & tweak these templates for ANY client­­–even if it’s an extremely unique situation…

Plus, the internal program design system, tables, charts, templates, and everything else I use in my 7-figure business that have taken me close to a decade to perfect.

I’m talking about going all out and giving you EVERYTHING you need to go from where you are to where you want to be...

Nothing held back! 

Yes, Results Are King - Get Instant Access

Get Immediate & Lifetime Access To… 


  1. Full Library Of My best training templates: These are the best training programs that have made me more money & produced better client results compared to anything I’ve done the last 20 years. 
  2. Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Guide: You’ll never look at sets, reps, and rest intervals the same way again. The ultimate guide to writing artful programming that equates to otherworldly results for you and your clients.
  3. Exercise Order Cheat Sheet: A common pitfall among most veteran coaches is not having a command of the right exercise order or sequence of patterns. Learn how to master exercise order so your programming flows easily and seamlessly. This alone will significantly cut down the time you spend programming.
  4. Movement Pattern Classification Key: Understanding that each movement has a different effect on the human body is critical to knowing what movements to use, when to use them, and why.
  5. Strength Exercise Selection Chart: Avoid paralysis by analysis when it comes to exercise selection and use foundational patterns (and variations of those patterns) that will produce results longterm
  6. Conditioning Methods Exercise Selection Chart: Only the must-have conditioning methods that are critical to creating a well-rounded, concurrent training program, where your clients can continuously make progress without burning out. Much like strength methods, all the subtle nuances are provided such as how each method affects the nervous system.
  7. How To Assess Whether A Client Needs More Strength Training Or Conditioning
  8. Tactical Programming Template & Sample Programming: This is one of my most requested templates and has applications for serious everyday athletes who may not be tactical athletes as well.
  9. 6-12-25 Template & Sample Programming: This is by far my most popular form of programming for everyday athletes that will spark new gains and leave you wanting more!
  10. How To Program Loaded Carries 101: Programming loaded carries efficiently is low-hanging fruit for many individuals and can be an incredible tool to build General Physical Preparedness.
  11. Core Programming 101:  Understand how to integrate better core programming into your training.

This system is responsible for thousands of client transformations, countless referrals, and respect from the BEST strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

"I’ve been using Jason’s templates for the past 4 years and my personal income has grown from $42,000 each year to $270,000 each year"

To recap, here’s everything you’re getting for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to hire me

  • A full library of training templates for any goal with sample programming
  • Strength Biased Templates
  • Conditioning Biased Templates
  • Balanced Templates 
  • Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Guide
  • Exercise Order Cheat Sheet
  • Movement Pattern Classification Key
  • Exercise Selection Chart For Strength Training
  • Exercise Selection Chart For Conditioning
  • How To Assess Whether A Client Needs More Strength Training Or Conditioning
  • Bonus #1: Tactical Template & 3 Weeks of Sample Programming
  • Bonus #2: 6-12-25 Method Template & 3 Weeks of Sample Programming
  • Bonus #3: How Programming Loaded Carries
  • Bonus #4: Core Programming 101

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If you haven’t made up your mind whether The Ultimate Training Template Handbook is right for you, I understand. I put together a list of common questions so you can make the best decision for yourself.

YES! I Want To Write
World Class Training Programs
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