An immersive, 10 week programming certification created for fitness professionals to crush imposter syndrome, teach you how to write elite training programs that will keep your clients results coming well past a 90-day transformation, and give you real, live feedback on the programs you write.

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Are you an online fitness coach secretly struggling with imposter syndrome or knowing without a shred of a doubt that you can get results for any client for more than 3 or 6 months? Listen up…

The global online fitness market was worth $215 billion in 2021. By 2030, it is estimated to reach $645 billion.

It’s also estimated that the main issue online coaches will face by that point is the same one that brick and mortar gyms struggle with: retention. Without solid results, you don’t have solid retention and if you don’t have that, you’ll be left in the dust of this insanely fast growing market.

How can you differentiate yourself in this online boom? Be able to get results for 1, 2, 5, even 10+ years for your clients. And that’s what you’ll get inside of The Confident Coach Programming Specialist Certification. What you take from the CCPSC won't just serve you now, but for years to come as you create programs that get your clients results 100% of the time and skyrocket your retention. 

Here’s the truth. I can’t promise you programming expertise in 30 days, because expertise takes time. But maybe this will resonate with you…most online fitness coaches won’t make it past the 2 year mark. They lack the knowledge required to get clients results past a 12 week challenge, and their retention suffers. They are secretly struggling with imposter syndrome wondering if what they’re giving their clients is the right training program. Many have invested in all the courses and education still feel like the system and process is missing…the systems that make programming quick, simple and incredibly effective. Knowledge is great but understanding every element you are giving to your clients is key.

900+ Students

27 Countries

50+ Client Avatars

You already know other online fitness entrepreneurs you look up to are crushing it with their results and retention.. And chances are, that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

The biggest hurdle I see among fitness pro’s is knowing:

  • “Is this the right program for this client?” 
  • “What’s the ideal training system I should use with my clients?”
  • “How can I better understand energy systems?”
  • “What's the best way to write a strength program WITH conditioning?”

If you’re on this page, there’s a chance you’ve had at least one of these questions, yeah?

Choosing the wrong training plan for your clients won’t just send them in the wrong direction, it can wreak havoc on your results, retention, and renewals.

I get it, because the hundreds of online coaches I’ve mentored have all experienced this!

Real talk: most coaches don't know enough about energy systems and real-life
application of training principles to keep their clients for life.

That's why The Confident Coach Playbook is the perfect solution for you.
This course will walk you through how to write a program in less than 20 minutes, how to progress them forever, how to keep them mentally engaged, and how to write more
effective strength and conditioning sessions.

Can you relate to this…

You’ve read the books, you’ve got all the certs, and you’ve been able to get some clients great results. You feel encouraged by your clients results, but when you get past the 3 or 6 month mark, you’re not really sure where to go with the client’s plan to keep them engaged. You feel a bit lost and aren’t sure where to go to find the answer. 

Or, you’re writing programs for your clients that include both strength training and conditioning, but you’re totally unsure if the conditioning you’re prescribing is the right method. So you question your ability.

And maybe the most frustrating scenario…you just want a simple, plug n play system of programming that makes writing programs for your clients quick, easy and will produce results for YEARS, not just weeks or months. 

All of these questions lower your confidence and add to your imposter syndrome. 

You might think that you’d have to spend months of your time and energy to learn the information that will destroy imposter syndrome, but all you need is 12 weeks

What might haunt you is the fear of investing in the wrong course that’s just another info dump, writing the wrong program for your client, or having a client realize you don’t fully know what you’re doing, which causes most coaches to stall in their business.

Writing killer programs should not be a bottleneck in your business

Imagine this...

Imagine never questioning your own knowledge on conditioning and strength training ever again and feeling like you BELONG at the top.

Imagine owning a paint by numbers system that's been proven with over 30,000 athletes to get incredible results, frees up your time and energy and allows you to focus on your business

Imagine not stressing over if your clients will renew with you because the results you get them are unlike what the other coaches can provide. This will help you stand out from the crowd

Imagine building a community of raving fans and not having to stress every day about not booking sales calls because you NEED to but doing them because you WANT to 

Imagine a future where you feel confident, knowledgeable and in complete control of your clients’ results without changing much about the way you’re doing things.




The Confident Coach Programming Certification is a comprehensive 10-week course & certification for fitness professionals who want to learn how to create programs that will help them build the business of their dreams. This certification is different than others, in that the number one goal is focused on the application of information. Anyone can open a textbook but no textbook is going to give you feedback on your longterm programming strategies for your clients.

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The CCPSC Course Content

Module 1: Start Here

Learn why a confident coach is going to be key in the next five years in the fitness industry and how you can differentiate yourself in a sea of “ok” coaches

Module 2: The Confident Coach System 

Get to know what elements are needed to be a confident coach, and Jason’s 5 Step Programming Process for writing killer programs quickly and easily

Module 3: Programming Science 101

Learn the essentials of program design with regards models of stress, exercise selection, muscle-fiber type programming, and more!

Module 4: Systems of Programming

We use three core systems of programming that will allow you to strategically writing training plans for any client with any goal.

Module 5: Templates

Using templates that allow you to plan for the 2x per week client to the 6x per week client and carefully structure strength training and conditioning.

Module 6: Strength & Hypertrophy Methods Library

Learn the why behind strength and hypertrophy methods and how to optimally program each.

Module 7: Conditioning Methods Library 

Learn the why behind aerobic and anaerobic conditioning methods and how to optimally program each.

Module 8: Exercise Selection

The exercises you chose for your clients' is make or break. Learn how to select the correct exercise that align with the clients goals, needs, and abilities.

Module 9: Sets, Reps, Rest Intervals

Equally as important as exercise selection and learning how to select the correct parameters for every exercise in your program is key.

Module 10: Longterm Programming 

Learn how to iterate your programming to maximize reuslts and buy-in.

Module 11: Programming Case Study Assignments 

Write programming for THREE specific client scenarios and get detailed feedback from your programming specialist.

Module 12: Final Exam

Write a 4-week block of programming for your ideal client and receive detailed feedback from your specialist.

Module 13: Additional Programming Resources

Dynamic warm-ups, speciality templates, and more!

Bonus Module: Live Programming Session

Look over Jason's shoulder as he writes a program from scratch.

Bonus Module: New Client Onboarding Checklist

Learn how to onboard, assess, and set a new client up for success!

The CCPSC has four KEY elements to move you into World Class Coach status 

The online course portal with 14 lessons on program design

This course has been carefully curated specifically to only include the necessary information that one needs to write incredible programs: strength methods, conditioning methods, energy systems, movement hierarchy, and more, to give you the ingredients to write massively successful concurrent training programs.

Four case study assignments with LIVE feedback

The crown jewel of the CCPSC is that there are four case study assignments. In the first three assignments, we will give you certain constraints and parameters for 3 separate clients, and you’ll be given real feedback from our Programming Specialists. The fourth case study is provided by you! In this assignment, you’ll be asked to write a 4-week program for your ideal client, and graded accordingly.

A dedicated Programming Specialist to guide you

As soon as you join you will be assigned to your own, dedicated Programming Specialist, a coach that has been not only certified like you will be, but each of our specialists have been mentored by Jason personally for at least 3 years.

Live Weekly Group Calls

Every week we run a live call via zoom for 60 minutes answering questions and going through the entire course in chronological order. The certification culminates with 2 guest speaker calls as well (there are 15 calls in total which are also added to a call vault if you're not able to make the live call)

In order to get the experience you’ll get with the CCPSC on your own you’d have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on education, texts, and mentors AND have 20 years of experience. Not to mention, you’d have to scour all the books and websites and piecemeal the information into something barely cohesive. 

But you don’t need to do that. I have done all of that for you. These science-based training templates have been tested and proven on over 30,000 athletes and provided results so incredible, that I was asked to write a training book by the largest punisher of strength and conditioning textbooks used all around the world

This certification isn’t filled with fluff that will waste your time or money. This is all about teaching you to write insanely powerful programs, something you can’t even get in college. 

The CCPSC is the quickest way to destroy imposter syndrome. It was created for coaches who struggle with knowing what they should spend their precious time on learning when it comes to programming for clients. Not only will you work directly with Jason who has built a reputation as The King of Programming - the guy who can get results for ANYONE, and better than anyone. Jason is so sought after, he charges his clients $1,000 per month- only for training. 

This online course is designed for the fitness professional who recognizes the power of a well designed training program, cares about getting their client she best results possible, and also understands that good programming is the number one key to the four R’s:





How to join the CCPSC 

Still got questions?

If you haven’t made up your mind whether The CCPSC is right for you, I understand. I put together a list of common questions so you can make the best decision for yourself.