E-WOD Issue #10

May 17, 2024

Issue 10


Survey Results, a Full Body Sesh, Q&A, and Methylene Blue 


Welcome to this week’s E-WOD! Today we’re covering:

  • Survey responses 🖥️

  • An entire Full Body Workout 🎥

  • Impromptu Q&A ❓

  • A miracle supplement? 🔵

  • An idea for a new community

I hope all the moms reading had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Jason & the kids brought me coffee in bed and made me two of my favorite things for breakfast: eggs benny and blueberry pancakes. Plus, I got a free pass to go shopping for myself at an actual mall which I haven’t done in years.

And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was glorious. GLORIOUS.

10/10 recommend every few years (and not a year sooner).

Now let’s dive in!


x x x




By Dani Brown

A few weeks back we were doing some research on our audience with a short survey and the responses were interesting. First off, out of 89 replies, we had an exact tie on ‘number one fitness goal’ at 37.1% and experience level?

You’ve all been doing this a long time :)

The third question we wanted to know was, are you on a JBC program or training sub and 57% of you said yes, 42% said no.

Then we took it one step further and asked you…what type of program are you looking for that we don’t currently have?

This was interesting because of everyone that said they were not on a program, 80% of people said things along these lines…

“30 minutes, dad bod that can keep up with growing boys using a basic home gym”

“Building strength, but also able to move well in all planes”

“3 fb session, 2 conditioning”

“Busy dad over 40”

“Strength and hypertrophy for 50 year old”

“3-4 days per week. Not worried about cardio. I run and bike”

…the program you guys are looking for is….


EVOLV is flexible enough for ALL of those scenarios, and more. With 3 full body training sessions and 3 conditioning sessions, you really can’t go wrong choosing any of the days to train.

For example:

If you do your conditioning outside of the gym (running, biking, swimming, etc) you could just do the 3 strength days

If you are busy and can only train 3 days, pick three sessions that bias what you are looking to improve

If you’re over 40 and are interested in longevity, do 4-6 sessions every week to hit all major muscle groups and to hit heart healthy conditioning on a regular basis


>> Try a week here and let us know what you think: EVOLV Full Body Athlete




By Jason Brown

I’m a sucker for watching videos of bodybuilders eat. I have no idea why, but I can consume several videos of massive jacked guys sitting down to eat mega meals for hours on end, start to finish.

Maybe it’s the real-life aspect?

Well, I wanted to test a different piece of content on my own channel and showcase not a full day of eating (yet) but a full training session.

Get my unedited thoughts as I make my way through a sprint/pull/push workout ⇩






By Jason Brown

A few months ago, I hired a local videographer (precisely when our videos 10x'd their quality).

He is great at what he does.

An expected bonus is that he’s been doing some research on topics I cover in between our shoots.

Recently he asked if he could ask me some questions on camera, off the cuff.

Turns out, they were excellent questions!

This podcast episode is jam packed with value for anyone in the fitness journey, new or seasoned vet.



>> Listen to Episode 44, Off The Cuff Programming Q&A


By Dani Brown

I take a few “odd” supplements that I’ll be covering in the next couple of months, but this one is definitely my personal favorite.

I spend many years of my life between the ages of 19-38 taking a low dose of Adderall. I’m not proud of it but I stayed on it for almost 20 years because it was hell coming off of it. My serotonin levels would crash when I tried, and it would be 2-3 weeks feeling like a zombie with massive headaches and brain fog.

I’d go back on it and start the cycle again.

Eventually I started to search for alternatives as well as supplements that would help me deal with the effects of coming off of it: I wanted to feel the clarity and focus that the drug gave me, without the side effects of “coming down”.

Enter methylene blue.

This salt is a deep blue in color and is used in medicine to treat a condition called methemoglobinemia. This condition occurs when the blood cannot deliver oxygen where it is needed in the body.

In low doses, methylene blue acts as an antioxidant. Methylene blue can potentially help with certain conditions, including:


  • Septic shock
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Viruses
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Candida
  • Nerve degeneration
  • Gout
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Inflammation


I take 5mg MB on a 2 weeks on/1 week off schedule and have successfully been able to completely come off Adderall (yay!).

I have seen an incredible improvement in brain fog, memory (I've been blessed with a goldfish level memory), and ENERGY.

I can’t say enough about it.

And with 1,100 studies done on MB I feel confident that this is not only safe, but something that more people need to know about. Before using regularly however, I did a lot of research from people with lots of letters next to their name.


Here’s 3 resources I used: 


==> The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue

==> Methylene Blue: Magic Bullet

==> This video (comments are interesting)


And this is the exact one I’ve been taking.

Do you take MB? If so, I’d love to know how you feel from it! Reply to the E-WOD email and let me know!




🖥️ Before we go we just wanted to let you know that at some point in the next 7-14 days we will be making the big website move.


Here’s what to expect/do:

・ Please download your programs, especially any you are currently using

・ You will be getting ONE email for every single product you have purchased with JBC. That’s courses, programs, templates, certifications. Please open them all so that your products populate properly in our new backend.

・ We will still have our old site and backend live for a few weeks, but the links will change to a generic domain link; just know anything you have purchased is NOT lost if it’s not immediately over in the new site but please have patience and try to not email us over next week while we square things away. We’ll get there but this is a massive move for us so grace is appreciated.

・ Pray. Pray hard, send good vibes, happy thoughts, whatever you want to send us. We need it 🤪



As always, thank you for reading this week’s issue of E-WOD!

See you next week and remember, results are king

JB + DB 


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