E-WOD Issue #11

May 24, 2024

Issue 11


Air Bike Methods, Meal Prep, Conjugate Training Secrets, The GOAT of Books


Welcome to this week’s E-WOD! Today we’re covering:


  • Done For You? 💅

  • A delicious meal prep recipe 🥘

  • Some Conjugate knowledge bombs 💣

  • Making this year’s Murph your best

  • A book everyone should read 📖


Happy Friday JBC Nation!


First off, this upcoming weekend is near and dear to my heart as a United States Army Veteran and I honor all that have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, as well as those of you who paid the price and lost a loved one.


We remember and we honor each and every life lost.



We hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend and for those who are doing Murph, keep reading, I’ve got tips!


Now let’s dive into this week’s E-WOD!


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By Jason Brown

[Note to readers: this was emailed out earlier this week; we did not want it to be missed]


Since launching my training subscriptions over on TrainHeroic almost two years ago I’ve had several dozen requests to license them, from coaches.


TrainHeroic is one of the few platforms that allows this.


If this feature was turned on, it would mean that with one single click of a button you can have all my programs dropped into your own TrainHeroic account with the ability able to assign it to your own clients, make adjustments, and even use my entire video library, all while calling it your own.


Due to some limitations with licensing ALL of my subscriptions (I only want all-access or nothing), we haven’t pursued this. However, Dani and I have been in talks with TrainHeroic for the last several months to create a workaround that could make this a no-brainer for fit pros.


So, I’m wondering…


Should we do it?


If you had the ability to:


legally and lawfully use any and all of my programs for your own personal and business use…


get continuously fresh streams of programming every single month,


with support to help you implement,


would you want it?


Let us know here... 






By Dani Brown

When it comes to preparing healthy meals week after week in order to achieve body composition goals, I think the biggest struggle I’ve seen in my own clients is simply boring food.


When you’re not excited to eat the food, you don’t feel like prepping the food.


The key for me has always been to keep it simple but keep it delicious so I actually do the thing.


In older newsletters I’ve talked quite a bit about Meal Prep Manual, the super cheap, super awesome site dedicated to making meal prep not only delicious but a total breeze.


For $7 per month, you get access to pretty much all recipes and will never get bored.


Here’s one I love… Peanut Turkey Stir Fry.


I’ve pretty much solely eaten ground beef and steak for the better part of the last 18 months and though surprisingly I don’t get sick of that often every now and again I need to add some variety to my diet. This recipe is loaded with protein; and with the carb & fat ratios, it can easily fit into most any macro plan.


Low carb? Just remove the rice.




By Jason Brown

Oh, you thought I forgot about Conjugate eh?




In reality, even my full body training programs use many principles of the Conjugate Method, and I’d consider them “conjugate.”


For years I solely talked about my signature style of mixing traditional Conjugate Method training with Energy Systems development and developed Conjugate X Conditioning the program.


I now offer CXC as a training subscription and it’s truly THE Performance program for athletes. Not only will you get athletic and strong AF, but you may even start to look like a superhero.


Consider yourself warned.


Here’s five things most people don’t know about Conjugate:


  1. At its core, Conjugate is the ultimate concurrent training system. Meaning, you will train ALL qualities of fitness simultaneously. This is a hard departure from linear-based training where you train one facet of fitness such as strength, and your endurance declines. Conjugate is so solid with its programming principles that it allows for all qualities to grow year-round.

  2. It’s not just for powerlifters. Used in its purest form, it may not be applicable for beginners. However, I used Conjugate at my CrossFit gym some 10+ years ago with incredible success even with beginners and actually that was what prompted me to mix this method with better-than-CrossFit conditioning measures later on.

  3. It prioritizes GPP. General Physical Preparedness is really just conditioning. And without it, you end up a tightly bound meathead. No bueno for those of us who care about longevity. But most people see the WSBB athletes and think that they are just strong. The reality is that they are more well-conditioned than most fitness enthusiasts, in any sport. In fact, MOST of the time spent at Westside is on GPP. This helps them to recover well, be able to handle high rep sets, and not get injured or burnt out just doing straight weight. Novel idea :)

  4. It focuses more on accessory work than barbells. Louie had a rule: 20% big lifts with a barbell, 80% accessory and GPP work. There’s a reason that Louie built some of the strongest athletes on planet earth and kept them in the game for years. His track record was a testament to how dialed his system was.

  5. And finally, the most important point…Conjugate can be done withOUT the use of bands, chains, or special equipment. I think this is still very misunderstood about Conjugate. Those things are tools that can be pulled from the toolbox when needed but they are not necessary for progress. Using them to create novel training effects and variations can stimulate growth and help athletes move through plateaus and all of that can be done without their use.


Ultimately, the Conjugate Method is an ideal system to use for really any stage of fitness.


For newer lifters, Conjugate will allow them to learn how to train multiple qualities of fitness, ingrain good motor patterns, while prioritizing building their limitations via accessory work.


For advanced athletes, being able to strategically push, train multiple qualities of fitness, build GPP, and address limiting factors through special exercise work.


Looking to take your performance to the next level? Try a week of CXC. Results are guaranteed to crush any program you’ve done in the past.




By Jason Brown

I wrote this article on “Murph” on elitefts.com in 2020 and it’s packed full of gems and whether you’re doing Murph for the first time or it’s your 10-year anniversary, it's got something for you.

- - -

My first exposure to “Murph” was back in 2006 at a commercial gym. This was before there were many (if any) actual boxes carrying out the yearly Memorial Day tradition that is ubiquitous across the United States.


For those of you that don’t know, “Murph” is a Hero WOD consisting of:


For time with or without a weighted vest:


  • 1 Mile Run

  • 100 Pull-ups

  • 200 Push-ups

  • 300 Air Squats

  • 1 Mile Run


This workout was a favorite of the late Lt. Michael Murphy who you probably remember from the movie “Lone Survivor” which in my opinion is an even BETTER book that I’ve read multiple times - I would…


>> (Keep reading this article on www.elitefts.com) 



By Dani Brown

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich was published almost 100 years ago in 1937 at the height of the Great Depression.


It's a true story that chronicles the process of attaining anything you want, and I can tell you, it works.


If you’ve read it, you know the magic. If you haven’t, you must.



As always, thank you for reading this week’s issue of E-WOD!

See you next week and remember, results are king

JB + DB 


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