E-WOD Issue #6

Apr 19, 2024

Issue 6 | April 19, 2024


10 Free Workouts, 
Nick Bare #2, Full Body Conjugate, Gentle Parenting and Fasting     


Welcome to this week's E-WOD! This week we're covering: 


  •  Another Nick Bare program review, because I love drama 👀
  • Differences between full body and Conjugate and how I created a full body Conjugate program 🏋️‍♀️
  •  TEN of my favorite full body Giant Sets for you to try 💪
  •  Our favorite parenting book 📙
  •  How my 3 day fast is going 💀


Before we get into it, just a quick brag that my 6yo held a 23 second L-sit.
I didn't think she'd get more than 5 seconds.
We don't call her a sleeper for nothin 😌

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By Jason Brown

Oh baby, I'm back to start some drama!

Nick Bare remains one of the most watched reviews on my channel, and after dozens of comments to do another program, I went back to see if Nick could be redeemed. Check it out below along with Miss Aubrie who boats 256k followers and a huge fan base. 

And in Episode 42 of the SAFxWC Show I touch on some key details and differences of full body and Conjugate (and how I made a full body Conjugate model...). 

>> Watch Now: Programming Review - Nick Bare, an encore

>> Watch Now: Programming Review - Aubrie Edgington

>> Listen Now: Ep 42 - Conjugate Full Body and Conjugate and Full Body...The Differences!






By Jason Brown

I have a newfound love of full body giant sets.

Dani and I have been doing these a lot lately and when they're good, they usually end up in one of my training subscriptions.


We typically do 3-5 sets and on the last set, truly go all out and leave nothing in the tank.


>> And if you're looking for next level full body workouts that will build you up while building your physique and energy systems, try EVOLV






By Jason Brown


Most of my life, my focus has been on being bigger - in size and on the scale.

In 2023 though for the first time, I found myself wanting to lose a bit of girth.

And intuitively for some reason I was feeling called to fast to jumpstart the process.

I guess I not only wanted the benefits of not eating, but also the benefits of detoxing the body, healing, and recovery (did you know that when the body doesn't need to metabolize food it starts hunting & killing pathogens?). 

So I sought advice from a friend whose expertise in fasting is impressive to say the least. 

My friend Brian laid out a full plan for me, making sure I would not be neglecting my electrolytes and hydration, and that I started eating again in the proper way.

Here's what happened:

  • 😀 Day 1 is completely doable and if ensure that you consume enough high-quality calories the day before you should be able to get through this day with relative ease still being able to train with a high level of intensity. I slept well but had dreams of doing taco reviews instead of program reviews lol. My starting bodyweight is 195 lbs.

  • 😟 Day 2 is miserable. This day will test you for sure and you'll find yourself drooling over every IG food page possible. This nights sleep was pretty broken. I was up at 3am and had to put on re-runs of Seinfeld to distract myself from the discomfort. Bodyweight was 188 lbs.

  • 🫠 Day 3 is the home-stretch yet the most difficult. I was damn hungry. My fast ended at 7pm and due to Brian's instructions I planned on eating a small meal first of 6 whole eggs, and then an hour later a bigger meal. Easier said than done. What actually happened was I ate a bowl of fruit approximately 1lb in weight, then immediately about .75lbs of grassfed beef, a whole avocado, white potatoes in the air fryer. THEN I ate my eggs, but a couple of them sandwiched between two slices of sourdough and pan fried ham. I could've kept going but I stopped there. Bodyweight ending was 189 lbs.

Now that fast has ended I'm back to my regular diet of beef, eggs, raw dairy, and fruit, but with a 200 calorie deficit. I'm hoping to hit my goal weight of 185 lbs by Memorial Day weekend and hope the improved digestion and metabolic reset will help.

Read more about the benefits of fasting here and here. 






By Dani Brown


I'm always on the quest to level up my parenting skills. 

Nearly 8 years into motherhood, I still face challenges daily– but internally I’m able to handle them with a lot more grace. 

I realized years ago that I needed a parenting philosophy when my then-2-year-old started to show signs of being extraordinarily strong willed (still is, she’s got no chill there)

But just not the philosophy of generations past…the punishments, threats, & bribery. 

I knew that didn’t align with me. 

Gentle parenting emerged as a philosophy I could get behind though. 

Defined by empathy and setting consistent boundaries, it aims to nurture happy, confident kids through compassionate guidance rather than harsh discipline.

It also places a heavy focus on healing your own self so that you can show up to challenges with your kids with empathy. 

So I read a dozen books and all the blogs of the experts. Yet during daily occurrences like tantrums, sibling spats, and plain disobedience—I still felt like stuck.

Then a friend gave me a book (
this book). 

Not only did it offer a refreshing perspective of gentle parenting (she has a heavy focus on creating and holding boundaries) but it gave me tools to use right in the middle of the proverbial shit hitting the fan. 

If I could give this to every single new parent out there I would. 

Dr Becky is to parenting as Jason Brown is to programming. 

It’s that good 😊 (so was her podcast on the Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes)

If you’ve got young ones or teens that you’re dealing with, I can’t recommend this one enough. 






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