The [Fit Dad] Fathers Day Gift Guide

Jun 06, 2024


Fit dads are the best kind of dads, out there just influencing their kids to be strong, healthy and take care of themselves. 

And with Father’s Day just around the corner we figured the moms here might appreciate a list of all of Jason’s favorite items, many with discounts! 

As you may or may not know, Jason does not promote many companies...

He's a terrible influencer and doesn't have it in him to push a product that he doesn't use in real life, so everything you see listed below are items that we use extensively in our home or in our gym.

Any brands we love (outside of Amazon) we have applied to become affiliates to be able to pass on as much of a discount to you as possible.

Lets talk about some of our favorite brands and products ⇩





The Ninja Creami. Ok we don’t know this company but this product speaks for itself. It’s worth every penny. J and I eat ice cream made with raw milk every single day and we are the leanest we’ve been in years. Win win! I also joined this FB group recently and it's excellent for finding great recipes.


Transparent Labs. We’ve tried lots of different brands of whey protein to use in the Ninja Creami, and TP remains the absolute best in terms of the texture of the ‘ice cream’. We’ve used vanilla, chocolate and mint chocolate chip so far. Bonus: try milk with mint chocolate chip whey and 1-2 Tbsp of raw honey. Top with mini chocolate chips or 1-2 Oreos. 
10% OFF with code: JBC


Equip Supplements. The founder of Equip happens to be a friend of a good friend. This company is credible, legit and in it for the right reasons. After selling their first company for a massive profit and realizing the supp market was mostly overpriced sawdust, they set out to create something worthy. They have hydrolyzed beef protein which is ultra high quality and tolerated much better by the gut than whey is, and several beef organ supplements. We use them all and love them.
5% off with code: JBC




NADS Organic Men’s Underwear. I learned just how toxic our lululemon underwear was, and swapped JB to these guys. He was very weary of cotton undies. He’s a believer now though and loves them. Protect the jewels and stay away from polyester as studies have shown it lowers testosterone production and can even decrease penis size 👀 
15% off with code: JBCOACHING


Somavedic EMF Harmonizer. EMF waves are incredibly harmful to ALL living things but especially to children despite what the news tells us; there’s thousands of studies to support this. An unknown fact is that harmful EMFs cannot be “blocked” though many companies claim that (stickers on your phone do NOT block anything). The way to combat the mitochondrial damage done by EMFs on your body is to harmonize [Follow this page to learn more]. We use is something called the Somavedic. The Somavedic is known as the standard in EMF mitigation-- you can read about all the studies they’ve done here. Expensive, yes. Worth it, hell yes. It’ll last years and years. 
10% off with code: BROWN10 (they do great sales throughout the year)


 Novaa Lab Red Light Therapy. Red light therapy is picking up steam on the interwebs. Because it acutally works extraordinarily well for a laundry list of things. Red Light Therapy uses low-level red light wavelengths to stimulate cells in the body to produce more energy. This increased energy can help with a number of things, including: fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, scarring, acne, wound healing, hair growth and thickness, chronic pain, neuropathy, cancer treatment side effects, fat loss, and so much more. The studies are overwhelmingly positive, and so are the reviews…I was wowed the first time I read through them and well, I was influenced because I bought one. It works so good it’s spooky.


The SPERTI Vitamin D Sunlamp. Another product we’ve had for over 3 years now and use daily for 3+ seasons. As someone who gets depressed just thinking about winter, this sunlamp is a gamechanger. Just 5 minutes of this lamp 3x per week increased natural D production by over 46% and the studies on their page are peer-reviewed and published for you to read. 
10% off with code: JBCOACHING



The Wolf Wedge. The wedge has such great application for any squat variations. We use this thing all the time with barbells, kettlebells and everything in between. 


Angles 90. JB has used angles for years. Pullup variations, horizontal and vertical pulls… these things are a must-have in any home gym to allow the shoulders to move more freely. 
10% off with code: JBROWN10


Vuori Clothing. I think we broke up with lululemon for Vuori and I’m not mad about it. I LOVE the women’s leggings (love isn’t even strong enough) and JB loves pretty much everything so far. He says the men’s selection they have is extensive compared to lululemon, and cheaper. Another win! 


Torque. You know we can’t make this list without adding Jason’s favorite thing to talk about, the sled! The Tank is the ULTIMATE piece for any home gym enthusiast. It solves so many issues and has so many applications. Click here to hear why JB loves it so much
5% off with code: JASONBROWN5 


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Happy Father's Day to you, JBC Nation!