Ep 5: How to Program Finishers

Performing strength & conditioning in the same session has become all too common. Why? Because people want the illusion of feeling like they are ‘doing more.’ The interesting part is that these same people would likely get better results if they focused on one thing each session. 

Or if they kept the energy demands of the training session in alignment at least training both strength & conditioning modalities wouldn’t interfere with long-term gains. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Keep Strength Work Strength Work: You don't need to always do something 'metabolic' in every session, but if you must I'm going to give you some guidelines.
  2. Keep Conditioning Work Conditioning Work: I know, that probably caught you off guard, lol, but seriously train your conditioning as its own training session not in conjunction with 100 other things.
  3. If You Decide To Combine The Two: If you must combine strength & conditioning, perform more anaerobically demanding in conjunction with your strength work and keep your aerobic work as its own session on another day. 

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