Ep 6: The Conjugate x Conditioning Method

What is the CxC Method? A concurrent method of training both strength, hypertrophy, and aerobic modalities within the same week of training. 

 Staple Training Methods:

  • Strength Methods: Submaximal Effort Method, Dynamic Effort Method, Cluster Sets, Maximal Effort Method, Repeated Effort Method, Explosive Strength Method
  • Conditioning: Cardiac Output Method, Strongman Endurance, Tempo Intervals, Mixed Modality Aerobic Conditioning  

This system allows us to train all qualities of fitness optimally within a given week. This keeps the programming fun/engaging and devoid of overuse injuries or overtraining.  

Most of my clients formerly trained CrossFit at a local box which means most of my clients are very Type A. 

They realized training CF for the rest of their lives simply wasn’t sustainable but still wanted to be challenged in new ways and compete with themselves. 

This method of training is the same method I’ve used with over 200 CF boxes and over 50,000 people worldwide!

This is a brand-new article where I highlight how this system has evolved over the last 5 years as well as get into all the subtle nuances of what makes this system of training so special. 




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