Ep 7: My 5 Step Programming Process

Any great business utilizes systems and having systems for writing programs is an absolute game-changer if you're not using any.


In this episode, I cover the EXACT 5 step process I teach to coaches to write killer training programs.


The 5 Steps Consists of:

  1. Training Template
  2. Training Template Methods
  3. Exercise Selection
  4. Sets, Reps, Rest Intervals (SRRI)
  5. Collect Feedback


This sequential process allows you to perfectly align the training schedule and methods to any client. It also allows you to easily plug and play methods, effectively cutting down your total time to write a custom program. Not only will your programming improve but so will your time management. Double win. 


I want to help YOU and 2999 other coaches this year become absolute game changers by teaching you how to get RESULTS for any client in any training scenario. 


The fitness industry should be dominated by real experts, not sexy marketing. Let’s change that in 2022. 



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