Ep 19: Combining Strength Work With Aerobic Work

In this episode, Jason tells you the optimal way to train both strength and conditioning so that not only will you improve your heart health, you'll get jacked and strong while you're at it.

There are various studies on concurrent programming and whether or not the interference effect is a limiting factor.⁣

A key component to NOT having your conditioning bleed into your strength & hypertrophy gains is twofold:⁣

1. The dose needs to be monitored, optimal being between 2-3x per week x 30-50 minutes.⁣

2. The level of intensity needs to be monitored - too close to one's VO2 max will indeed result in an interference effect - optimal being under 80% of one's V02 Max. ⁣

Long story short, when aerobic training is used correctly it can actually aid both performance and lean tissue gains - more aerobic fitness also means more mitochondria and therefore more factories to process the oxygen to generate more energy for repair. ⁣







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