Ep 2: How Conditioning Will Make You Stronger

In this episode I talk about something that I wish more coaches knew...better conditioning = better gains!


Stay tuned for The Ultimate Programming Playbook launching February 2022 that includes:

*Over 30 plug n play training templates for different scenarios including 2x/week clients, 3x/week clients, 4-5x/week clients, weightlifting, powerlifting, tactical athletes, CrossFit athletes, 6-12-25, Conjugate athletes, concurrent training, and so many more

*Over 60 sample training programs for every scenario

*Sets, Reps & Rest Interval Cheat Sheet: You’ll never look at sets, reps, and rest intervals the same way again. The ultimate guide to writing artful programming that equates to otherworldly results for you and your clients.

*Exercise Order Cheat Sheet: A common pitfall among the most veteran coaches is not having a command of the right exercise order or sequence of patterns. Learn how to master exercise order so your programming flows easily and seamlessly. This alone will significantly cut down the time you spend programming.

*Movement Pattern Classification Key: Understanding that each movement has a different effect on the human body is critical to knowing what movements to use, when to use them, and why.

*Comprehensive Strength Methods Table: The A-Z strength methods table that are tried and true and applicable to real-world situations. You’ll be given all of the details for each method with regards to programming and even how each method has a different impact on the nervous system.

*The Ultimate Conditioning Methods Guide: Only the must-have conditioning methods that are critical to creating a well-rounded, concurrent training program, where your clients can continuously make progress without burning out. Much like strength methods, all the subtle nuances are provided such as how each method affects the nervous system.

*How To Program For Slow Vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Manual: Did you know that fast twitch muscle responds better to certain rep ranges and certain loading? Having this manual of muscle fiber type by major muscle group will give you the ‘cheat sheet’ for properly programming the right sets, reps, and rest intervals.

*The Complete Hypertrophy Handbook: Look at hypertrophy work through a new lens and fully understand the role each aspect of hypertrophy training has as it relates to real-world gains!

*And, JBC Inner Circle: a private group where I can support high level coaches who want to improve their programming skills and learn from the best.



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